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This morning after I had awaken the Holy Spirit laid this message on my heart to write. I’m sharing here via the S.o.H website to help Jesus get the is message before more individuals compared to the limitations of Facebook. The video at the bottom was also added on Facebook as well hence why shared here as well.

I usually don’t talk about subjects that pertain to government but I cannot remain silent because souls are precious to God, (Yahweh) Please wake UP God, is calling out to each soul louder today then compared to yesterday because each day is growing more evil

So, many individuals are profoundly stun and confused why America and the rest of the world is going through what it appears as birthing pains and it is because of “SIN” example America’s money says “In God We Trust” but yet this country is in a position of being a Godless country for God is not placed first nor is people’s trust placed in God like the money states and as many know “God bless” is a term used in America and across the world but yet so much evil is done under the throne of YHWH. that is contrary to the term “God Bless”

America and the rest of the nations have been moving in the direction for years removing God from every aspect of our daily lives. It started with schools, now days churches, and many businesses cannot open because it is said it will promote the spread of covid but yet many protesting and rioting is okay? there are many humans on top of each other but yet you don’t see the government(s) across the entire earth tackling the matter, like they tackled about shutting down, churches, business, jobs, and schools…

The Government(s) are not talking much or discouraging much how large crowds with protesting or rioting promotes the spread of covid, but was very strong about other elements in America and across the world in whole and completely shut down the element of schools, jobs, business, churches, but rioting that promotes violence is okay to keep proceeding? across America and the many other nations as well?

People wake up the anti-Christ agenda is being played out before our very eyes what is consider good is now considered evil and what is evil is considered good and acceptable… I don’t need to provide any proof of just how Godless America and the rest of the world has become all you have to do is turn to the headlines for that aspect.

The world beyond America is in the position we all are witnessing is because sin, found in every individual (Yes, I included) the sin, matter went unchecked to the point that now the chaos has broken forth because of each individual(s) lack of care and lack of repent against the elements that the bible calls out as sin.

Slumbered Souls awaken to God, knocking on each of your hearts the world is going to become eviler as each day comes and goes the Anti-Christ agenda is growing stronger by each day, the only solution for each individual is Jesus Christ, how much more proof do you need before you realize Jesus Christ, is real and is the only answer to the whole entire mess across this earth?.

Would you like to know Jesus Christ?

Pyrx’z Prayer

Abba, I’m posting this message here on the S.o.H website because the Holy Spirit asked me to Oh, Lord, I pray that slumbered souls awaken reading this message and come to realize that your Prefect Son Jesus Christ, is the “only” true solution to this ani-Christ agenda driven world. Amen!

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About the Author R.3.I.G.N.

I’m just an ordinary man that loves YHWH, with all my heart. I have deep passion to spread Gods love across all nations here on earth, because Jesus Christ, showed me His divine love for me and for the rest of the world and I want all individuals to be aware of the love of Jesus Christ, if they choose to accept that love or not.
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