Sharing My Stance For Jesus Christ!!!

Hello Everyone, / Welcome To S.o.H

I first shared this on Facebook but I’m also sharing here to make my stance For Jesus Christ, public.

God is powerful and loving all at the same time for I am an example of what God can do and complete for as a teenager I passed away for 1 hr. and I was sent to hell and my soul cried out to Jesus to save me Yahweh, was done with me His righteous Judgement was final and Jesus Christ, came to my aid and became my soul lawyer and convinced Yahweh to reverse His, Righteous judgement against my soul…

I deserved such judgement for forsaking God, back then and yet! Jesus came to my aid when Jesus Christ, could have just let Yahweh, complete 100% Righteous judgement against my soul and be in hell for eternity with no one to blame but myself…

The torture from the demons and the devil in hell against your souls is only a small aspect the true torture comes from the forever replay process like a broken record of knowing God separated from your soul in hell…

The passion behind the Soulja of Hope movement is because Jesus Christ, is the truest form of a Soulja of Hope, to imitate, I truly don’t want to see souls go to hell for my lack of sharing Jesus Christ, hence why two years ago I asked God to take care of Ana, and I, as I move into a different income source by going into full time ministry… I could truly do the work for God for free, because souls are that important to God and God’s heart is important to me…

I will continue to move the direction the Holy Spirit guides me through faith!!! even if it has to cause suffering I spoke to Ana, about the suffering aspect and her reply was Jesus suffered so will I, if God sees fit for His glory, Praise you Jesus, you hooked me up my soulmate.

Lord, Jesus Christ, I Pyrx, I’m here to listen to Holy Spirit, for guidance. I’m reporting for duty to be a Soulja of Hope! for Heaven, as I imitate you Jesus Christ, and continue to push towards the direction of working for Heaven through full time ministry.

Pyrx’z Prayer

Oh, Father God, as you know the Holy Spirit, approached me recently and said Pyrx, the Soulja of Hope movement ministry is now established by Yahweh, in Heaven… Oh Lord, as you know it has been two years in the making to prepare me to be in this position and if led by sight, I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now! with you God, leading me to run S.o.H movement ministry… Oh, my Lord! Jesus Christ, thank you for saving me from hell… Here I am Lord Jesus Christ, I truly want to be your servant unto Heaven. Amen!

Matthew 23:9 9And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.

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