Ministry Update: Got A New Portable Speaker With Microphone Option

Hello Everyone, / Welcome To S.o.H

Hello Everyone!

For about 2 yrs. now I have been praying an hoping God would provide the funds to buy a portable blue tooth speaker with a microphone plug in option these type of speakers are not cheap either the cheapest we found was a best buy for $179.99 and the price climbed up from there depending on the brand… Ana, and I, found a black web (now called “onn”) party speaker 160-watt with the following options 13 hrs. of play time (Probably not actual I been reading more like 9 hrs. playback time) The speaker has a microphone/guitar input jack, FM radio, Bluetooth, and wheels for easy travel and it cost $129.99 at Walmart and came with more options than the portable speaker for $179.99 at best buy…

I’m excited because God is moving in the direction I’ve been praying for, For almost 2 yrs. now… When I started S.o.H website I wanted to go big for God and go beyond just blogging and this speaker is going to open new options for street ministry… I’m so, excited to see how God will use this new speaker for many individual’s to hear about Jesus in the near future.

Thank you Lord, for the funds to get a speaker upgrade with microphone option.

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