I’m Addressing A Matter With An Apology

Hello Everyone, / Welcome To S.o.H

Recently I asked the S.o.H community if they would like to hear about how Jesus brought me out of the gangster lifestyle when I was 20, but as I went to go write the testimony I realized that I will bring souls into a danger zone it was the Holy Spirit that brought me to this realization I cannot in good faith proceed for God didn’t just place me in a position to write but to also shepherd souls and point them towards Jesus Christ, I have come to the realization from the Holy Spirit, that I got ahead of God and posted the question here on the S.o.H blog with good intentions to promote Jesus and His sovereign ways to reach a soul that is indulged in a dark lifestyle but to write the testimony I have to write about dark elements that could give the devil a foot hold in many individuals lives.

I am learning as I embrace the calling the Lord, placed on my life, that some things are best left unsaid for the sake of not allowing doors to open in other individuals lives. I’m truly sorry I asked and now cannot write about it… I’m apologizing because if I would have waited upon the Lord, I would have never posted the question in the first place… The only way I can share the testimony is to place lighting on the dark lifestyle I was indulged in my teens and the Holy Spirit is asking me to back away from writing the testimony post… I’m trusting the Holy Spirit knows best even though my finite mind doesn’t fully understand to the level God understands why it is not best to write about the testimony.

After my public fall, back in July, I don’t want to even enter or start back on the path of writing and running the S.o.H movement ministry in my own strength it has to be God authoritative and Holy Spirit driven… So, I’m backing down from writing the testimony because God’s authority is not behind it. I’m very sorry I asked in the first place I will learn from this mistake and I will refocus and wait upon the Lord, for any future posts being written and published here.

Pyrx’z Prayer,

Father, I’m very sorry even though I had good intentions when I asked if the S.o.H community was interested with hearing a testimony going from being a gangster to being a God driven servant… Lord, I mishandled by overlooking the dangerous elements of posting such testimony and I don’t want to give the devil any praise or foot hold… Father, thank you for showing me my errors as I learn this shepherd role you have placed upon my life. Amen!

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