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Pyrx’z Prayer,

Oh, Lord, I have been seeing your hand opening doors lately and in my spirit I can sense that a break through is coming! You Lord, have made it clear to me I’m to represent Jesus Christ, like all your children should and as one of your children I made it clear to you recently I wanted to be utilized in a servant manner that breaks challenge barriers of today Lord, Oh, Lord, I cannot do this alone I need your strength, as well your authority from Heaven. Lord, I’am also seeking a team of volunteers so S.o.H can make an impact in this world as lost souls are seek’d.

Oh Lord, you’ve made many things clear to me recently and I ask as I up the ante of my faith walk that you prepare the hearts of the lost souls you send me to. Tell em’ I’m coming with the strength and authority only Heaven can lay upon me to be a willing servant unto heaven as worship of you the only true King! in Jesus Christ, Mighty name Amen!

Here I am Lord, Use me Lord!

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About the Author R.3.I.G.N.

I’m just an ordinary man that loves YHWH, with all my heart. I have deep passion to spread Gods love across all nations here on earth, because Jesus Christ, showed me His divine love for me and for the rest of the world and I want all individuals to be aware of the love of Jesus Christ, if they choose to accept that love or not.
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