Lord, Fire Up The Intensity In The Training Room

For the last few days, I have been thinking about how back in January I wanted to give up the cookie-cutter Christian lifestyle and I set out to train to imitate Jesus in all I do and say… But the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention that within these last 8 months I somewhere through the journey I became comfortable and didn’t train harder.

No More! Lord, I recognize I need the heat turned up and I need to sweat more to shed the spiritual impurities in my life so I can achieve a new level of imitating Jesus Christ. Oh, Lord, turn up the heat make the fire bigger Amen!

By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...