S.o.H Platform Has A New Website Called Pyrx’z Journal

Sup’ Everyone!

Today, I’m excited to announce that the S.o.H platform has a new website that will co-side with this one… Some of you may be asking Pyrx, why another website? Well, because the Holy Spirit approached me to bridge a few caps that cause a disconnect.

1: There is many people providing motivational/teaching content but don’t really connect with the community they produce content for. Here and this personally me I don’t just see followers here of S.o.H as just followers of new content. I see you guy’s as an community that deserves to be treated on the same level as the author and that is to be treated like you matter and not below me because I author content here.

2: There is many individuals that will not visit websites that produce just Christian content… This is a disconnect God wants to tackle. This is where the other website comes into play… I won’t just be sharing my faith walk in journal entries there but also other passions I’m passionate about as well this will offer a more relaxed setting for people that don’t feel comfortable visiting a full onboard Christian website but if they click the follow button on the new website then the Individual(s) are making a conscious choice knowing up front there will be Christian content there as well…

These Two Websites Will Co-side Together To Bridge The Gap Of Disconnect

Straight up! I appreciate the S.o.H-squad here you guy’s are like family to me and this website will offer you guy’s a more personalized behind the scenes aspect of me, (Pyrx) I truly believe this will provide a stronger rapport and stronger rapport will also provide a stronger trust element between the S.o.H-squad and author. While, also offering up an opportunity to draw more souls in by providing an content based website that is not 100% full onboard Christian content posted all the time.

I won’t take credit for this because it was the Holy Spirit that approached me with this idea and I’m just following the Holy Spirits plan even though at first I had a little back and forth with God, asking why He was adding to my already full daily schedule God won obviously and I’m truly okay with that aspect because I now can see God’s vision through these two websites co-siding together.

I invite you to check out Pyrx’z Journal

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