The Lord, Said To Me Friendship

Well, this is not one of the planned posts I had planned to be published by no later than Saturday. This post is planned by God, Thank you Jesus! for this lesson!

Proverbs 14:31 NIV
31 Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

Wut’z Up! Soulja_Squad, 😊 as of lately I have been asking God what is the best way to soul seek and tonight I heard a knock on the door and there was a person that Ana has known since this person was a baby. This person showed up at Ana’s house with a sad look on their face and Ana, said what is wrong and the person said my life is going through trying times and I felt I had no one to turn to or trust but I remembered you have been in my life since I was born.

Ana, hasn’t seen this person for like 2 years now and yet this person said the friendship drew their trust to seek help from Ana, After Ana, helped this life long friend… We walked to the gas station and there was another person that just came out of the gas station and this person stopped me and Ana, and asked are you the man that gave me the S.o.H business card this person has memory problems I replied Yes, I am, that person!

Then this person replied I have something at my apartment for you, so I walked with this person and carried their bags home for this person. As we were walking this person shared I have no friends because everyone thinks I’m weird because this person suffers from mental problems… The person that showed up to Ana’s house tonight also has a disability and has been hated on most of their life as well.

So, as I left this persons dwelling while I’m walking home with Ana, I couldn’t get the word “friendship” off my mind. So, I asked God, why that was? then the Holy Spirit said to me Jesus Christ, sought out the disliked by the many in the crowd and made them feel wanted and loved. Then it hit me tonight both individuals feel unwanted unaccepted and unloved by many but yet felt at ease with I and Ana, I realized right then it is seeking friendship through rapport to grow towards friendship so other individuals can witness your Christ-like actions for actions always speak louder than words.

Soulja_Squad, We need to seek souls with a friendship mind-set and give attention to the individuals others deem unworthy of attention and love… The lowly at heart cannot be overlooked because these are the gems that others are overlooking. All souls matter to God so, they matter to me as well but I have noticed that for the last 8 months God has been taking me down the path to be around the lowly at heart.

It is starting to make sense to me that the direction of S.o.H for now on has to come from the point of view of friendship meaning I must make investment unto others even if that just means hanging out with them for a few hours a week and just be there to listen and be their friend. Because that building rapport of Christ-like action will draw them more closer to Jesus Christ than any word spoken from my mouth or written online.

To win souls we need to invest in people and help them discover themselves through Jesus Christ by being the friend no other individual cares to be. If you really think about my past life, ex-gangster and ex-satanist is now being a friend to the lowly at heart and speaking up for the voiceless there is no denying it is Jesus causing that Change within.

Oh, by the way the gift the person at the gas station had for me was a laminated poster with scripture reference of many topics and life situations which I truly appreciate because it will help me with the ministry aspect.

Pyrx’z Prayer

Thank Lord, for drawing these individuals into mine and Ana’s pathway, Lord, help us both to have tender hearts and non judgmental ears to listen and hearts to care for the lowly at heart individuals others deem worthless in their minds and eyes. Help I, and Ana, be a voice for the voiceless and a friend to the friendless in Jesus mighty name. Amen!