How To Be Intentional For YHWH!

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Eight months ago when I changed Soulja 4 Christ website to Soulja of Hope, I didn’t know how the change would be perceived or received. I just knew I had a passion to help others learn how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is still an ongoing process. I’m not a brimstone type Christian I don’t like going about repent or else either. Finding the balance of being bold for Jesus and at the same time writing bold content that does offend at times is hard for me to write at times but I write it to get people to think deeper. Why is this because as humans we tend to go about life in autopilot mode and having a relationship with Jesus Christ has to be intentional.

Why intentional? because the bible is clear if not intentional then the autopilot mode will lead us back into sinful situations as humans we are habitual and bad habits must be replaced with Christ-like habits that are going to honor God and draw us as individuals closer in a relationship with Yahweh. This cannot happen unless we as individuals go about our lives and relationship with God intentional intentions to live out our lives as worship unto Yahweh.

Proverbs 26:11 New International Version
11 As a dog returns to its vomit,
so fools repeat their folly.

How To Be Intentional For YHWH!

Read The Bible Daily
By reading the bible daily we grow knowledge and that grown knowledge helps us become closer to the Holy Fathers heart to know what His will is in our lives.

Meditation of the Word of God
Knowledge is a part of the intentional living aspect but we must also place the knowledge of God’s word into action as well to form those Christ-like habits to replace our sinful habits. So, we must intentionally meditate on God’s Word on how to implement His word into daily habit forming actions.

Prayer Life Daily
Reading the Bible is how we learn and listen for God’s voice. Prayer is how we communicate to God, and figure out how to live a more Godly lifestyle… When I pray out loud I listen to myself to catch my down falls and the changes that God is completing in my life… The listen to myself aspect these last 8 months have shed so much light on God’s heart and will, while also implementing what I learn through the word of God and turn what I learned into daily lifestyle actions to Imitate Jesus Christ more and more as each day grows into a new day.

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Pyrx’z Prayer For Soulja_Squad Community

Abba, Thank you for this platform also thank you for the Soulja_Squad that is forming to worship you Lord… Lord, my request is you place this post deep into the internet so no stone is left unturned and individuals can learn how to live intentional for you Lord. Amen!

By Mikel,

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