Praise You Jesus I’m Amazed Of Your Wonders

This is a testimony how even God becomes praised in bad situations.

Wutz Up! Soulja_Squad, Today I was out with my lady Ana, and while travailing via public transit (bus) I and Ana, was sitting at the front of the bus Ana, is only 5’0″ so when she sits her feet don’t touch the floor. Any ways while travailing a car turned out in front of the bus off a side street and I always have my arm around Ana, to help stabilize her as she sits…

When the driver in the car pulled out in front of the bus there wasn’t much time to stop so the bus driver had to apply the breaks quite hard this in return created a strong forward force and ripped Ana, out of my arm that was around her. The force brought Ana, forward quickly and her feet hit the floor and this motion and action of her feet hitting the floor caused a reaction and caused her to bounce with her feet back off the floor and she was thrown forward and smacked her ribs against the wheel well and then finally to the floor Ana, was laying there hurt. Minor injuries Thank you Jesus!

A woman spoke up on the bus and said I wish there was something we could do for this hurt young lady and another woman spoke up and said there is, and that woman begin to pray out loud and the rest of individuals on the bus begin to pray for Ana as well… Thank you Jesus Ana, has some bruises but nothing serious and Ana, was able to stand back up and go back to her seat as the whole bus is saying praise you Jesus for protecting that young woman from getting seriously hurt.

This is a Jesus moment I had to share with you guys Ana, said even though she got hurt minor the prayer and Jesus experience on the bus was overwhelming with Joy!

Pyrx’z Prayer

Abba, Thank you for commanding angels to help protect Ana, as she smashed her ribs against the wheel well… I had noticed when Ana, was heading towards the wheel well, her body was slowing down it was so unnatural but I believe her body was slowing down because her guardian angel was slowing her body down in mid air to soften her body hitting the wheel well. Oh, Lord it was so beautiful on that bus afterwards because everyone was praying and praising Jesus… Father, thank you again for protecting Ana, when I couldn’t and thank you that your presence was on that bus in prayer and praise. Amen!


    1. Hello Donna, Yes, praise the Lord, for protecting Ana, and for the Lady that started the chain prayer and praises unto Jesus!

      Author of Soulja of Hope,


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