Hello and welcome! To all the new readers and followers, if you have found the S.o.H blog through Pyrx’z Journal⧉ my hopes are you find the Soulja_Squad community inviting here at Soulja of Hope, I don’t view readers as readers and S.o.H followers as followers I view individuals here as part of an community. My goal is to establish an community that is welcoming towards others regardless of their belief background.

If Anyone Is Expecting A Sales Pitch To Live For Jesus…

If anyone is expecting a sales pitch to Live for Jesus you will not find that aspect here I have no desire wasting time to convince individuals that you should live for Jesus, instead I’m going to talk about Jesus and if you desire Jesus from what I share here than, that aspect is awesome! and encourage you to proceed to the Got God, page to read material geared towards the beginning road of knowing Jesus on a more deeper level.

I am Not a Brimstone Christian But I am a Bold Christian

What does that sub header mean?
Before eight months ago I was the type of person that would get salty⧉ over little offenses and these last eight months God has offended me through the Word of God like I said before I would become salty over small offenses but the Word of God offending me now is a sign I’m not aligned with God’s desires (The fathers heart and will) and I set out to correct the matter with the guidance of the Holy Spirit as before these 8 months I did not.

My goal here is to help others to accept the offense that the word of God offers so other individuals can become aware of their sinful habits as well. In no way do I think it is acceptable to slam other individuals sins down their throat by shouting repent or else meet God’s doom, This brimstone aspect promotes hatred not love for God. Instead lets talk about touchy and hard topics and learn together how the Lord feels about the matter or issue spoken about. So, as Individuals we can make the conscious decision to tackle and change.

The bold aspect
Lets be real here for a moment I once lived the wimpy Christian lifestyle and believed the lies behind such lifestyle choice… There is a lot of individuals that are living the wimpy Christian lifestyle. Now, Lets! be a little more real here living the (wimpy Christian) lifestyle is a (fake Christian) lifestyle going to church on the sabbath but leaving Jesus at the church doors until next church session then heading right back to a sinful lifestyle with sinful habits during the week with no though how that lifestyle is affecting their souls or offending God’s heart. Like I said been there done that as well… Hence why 8 months ago I set out to change that aspect and my goal is now is to show others through undeniable actionable results through the authority and power of Yahweh (YHWH) that individuals can have a more meaningful relationship with YHWH, no matter how hard life becomes during their faith walk. There you go that is just a little taste of what I’m talking about writing boldly for Jesus I don’t hold back from saying things as long as the bible backs it up.

Revelation 3:15-16 New International Version
15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

You Won’t Find Cotton Candy Speeches Flavored With Deceit Here

Here at S.o.H I don’t mess around with altering the Word of God, this is not a tickle your ear platform, I write about the truth found in the Word of God, I’m not going to waste your time feeding you a bunch of hyperbole instead! I’m going to provide the S.o.H community material to read that provokes deeper thought into an Individuals life. Why? is this! Because souls matter to God, and for that reason alone souls matter to me as well. So, I’m going to write for Jesus first and offer the community challenging posts to read at times to challenge the community to put the breaks on and examine their lifestyle and life habits on a deeper level so they can become intentional living for God.

I have actually been threaten in person to receive physical harm if I don’t shut down S.o.H because my boldness for YHWH is frown upon and hated by others, as you can see S.o.H is still up and running! Why won’t I cave to these threats? Because souls matter to God, so your soul matters to me as well. God has his children back! (Isaiah 41:10⧉) 😊 My goal is to display an exampled soldier 4 YHWH (soulja) mindset no matter what I must endure to serve Jesus daily so others can learn how to be a Soulja of Hope for Jesus Christ, our truest Soulja of Hope we can ever imitate.

What You, Can Expect!

Expect that when you come to the S.o.H blog the author (R.3.I.G.N.) has a mindset to not just blog about God, but to show and teach others it is very possible through God to live a bold life for YHWH, (Matthew 19:26⧉) and not fear others for what they have to say against or think negative about you. In the end each individual will answer solely to their life here on earth before YHWH… So, you can live in fear of what others say or are thinking and people please or change it up and please God. I’ve also been there done that! and there is no freedom behind that lifestyle I was miserable and I’m sure many individuals are miserable because people pleasing doesn’t allow yourself to express your uniqueness around other individual(s) that God has built into your soul.

As the author of S.o.H my long term goal is to display Jesus will help individuals learn their uniqueness through YHWH, for it was YHWH that built that uniqueness within each individual… My other goal is to help YHWH build up a bold Army for YHWH by writing content that is geared towards the movement pathway of boldness and meekness just like Jesus Christ, and that individuals can be proud to call themselves a child of God without fear or shame.

So Welcome to the S.o.H community my hopes are the content here blesses you to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!

R.3.I.G.N.’Z Prayer For The S.o.H Community!

Abba, (Father) Thank you, for making me unique in a way that I can boldly write for Jesus that provides deeper provoking thought action. Lord, I invite the Holy Spirit to continue to guide me with writing posts that promotes growing closer to you Holy Father, Lord, bless the souls of this community and help them learn how to live boldly for the name sake of Your Only Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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