Website Update: Pen Name Change

Hey Guys! Just a quick update after praying about this and the Holy Spirit giving the green light I am switching out the pen name from Pyrx, (Related Post) back to the previous name R.3.I.G.N. (pronounced (Rain) I had when this website was called Soulja 4 Christ, What does the Acronym mean? Reaching 3veryone In Godz Nationz

The reason behind the name change is because I want to promote the cause of S.o.H platform however possible that drives the message what this platform is about. The name aspect fits the cause of reaching nations for Jesus and the acronym gives credit to God as well. For the last two years I have been envisioning that the Soulja of Hope platform becomes known through out the world and other individuals are like, Hey, have you heard of the Soulja of Hope, website? because the Author R.3.I.G.N. is stirring up the spiritual battleground to promote Jesus Christ,

I’m Serious About Moving Into Full Time Ministry Work.

Soulja of Hope is a “Lifestyle Movement” to live for Jesus Christ, the truest Soulja of Hope mankind will ever find! There is a ministry aspect to the movement cause hence why I said I’m serious about the full time ministry Aspect. I’m seriously about online and maybe future traveling if God permits that aspect to promote Jesus Christ, to the core throughout many nations.

R.3.I..G.N.’z Prayer

Abba, (Father) I surrender this platform to you as well I surrender Myself to your cause my Lord, Father, I request for the stronger boldness to promote a relationship with your perfect Son, Jesus Christ, I ask for your help to imitate the truest Soulja of Hope, which is your only perfect Son, Jesus Christ, Oh, Lord, I seek you to make this platform known across nations so souls can become aware of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen!


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