Disclaimer this post may offend, I will not water down the talks here but instead! I will be real with you and direct you to Jesus the only truest Soulja of Hope to imitate.

Hi Guy’s, Welcome back! I come across this video months ago and that particular day I was feeling down and out,I was under some heavy spiritual warfare and I felt as if I was going to lose the battle from within. I say this because the spiritual attacks were relentless and I felt spiritually surrounded… I shouted out God, Where are you because your boi R.3.I.G.N. is in trouble then about 5 mins later this video showed up in my Facebook feed and God said the following to me which I will share below the video

“God Said: “Son, (R.3.I.G.N.) why you afraid or dismayed by the attacks the demons have brought forth? Have I not encouraged you with Isaiah 41:10 that I will be by your side and help you!”

Isaiah 41:10 New International Version
10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

R.3.I.G.N.’Z Testimony Pertaining To Isaiah 41:10

Like I said God brought that video to my attention months ago and since then I have received even heavier attacks from demons giving out spiritual warfare but where I have seen God really shine with Isaiah 41:10 is been the last few months as quite a few individuals have tried to attack me in front of my lady Ana, because either the individuals are out to cause trouble or relation to a few other individuals that have threaten to attack me because I won’t shut down S.o.H. Recently I have been in some situations where I was ready to fight to protect my lady and I, and as those situations appeared as if I was going to have to fight to protect Ana, and I the attacker would end up walking off like they saw something that put the fear of God in them. (Protection from God’s angels!!!)

Very recent 4 gang-banger’s tried to surround us to rob us as they were shouting for us to give them our belongings as they kept approaching but then all of sudden they turned around and ran and a drunk man shouted this dude sure knows how to hire protection for Him and His lady, just look at the many tall strong dudes surrounding this man and his woman.

Oh, yeah, I hired no one! those were angels from God!.

Psalm 91:11 New International Version
11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

In these last 9 months I have seen God, first hand hold to His word in many ways and Isaiah 41:10 is the scripture I hold dear to the tablet of my heart and this is why I continue to be bold for Jesus, because no demon or human can harm me or Ana, without it going through the Father’s hand YHWH first! So, far God has been shutting down the attacks and I keep growing bolder to share the word of God, in a world that mostly hates hearing the mention of Jesus Christ..

I’m Willing To Lay My Life Down For YHWH!

9 months ago I sat down and told Ana, that God approached me said to me I was willing to lay my life down for the gang cause when I was a teenager. God, asked me where that type of dedication was for Him? I will admit I was offended by the aspect I was willing to lay my life down for the gang lifestyle many years ago, but I wasn’t dedicated like that for the cause of Jesus, So I told Ana, as I continue to write for the Soulja of Hope platform and hit the streets to promote Jesus, I had to have the same dedication to God and be willing to lay my life down if God saw fit for it to happen.

Here at S.o.H my long term goal is to show and tell others to raise their voice for Jesus no matter what! God is surely seeing I’m doing such and has protected me & Ana, from quite a few bad situations I’m at the point now there is no turning back! I’m a Child of God and nothing is going to stop me except God from representing Jesus Christ!!!

Raise Your Voice For Jesus Christ!!!

Soulja_Squad, your faith walk will be the hardest element in life, I encourage “YOU” stand up for Jesus Christ, for Jesus took you serious on the cross to forgive your sins. God is not interested in the joker type christian lifestyle God is interested in individuals that are willing to Soulja Up! and complete God’s business the very business the Holy Spirit lays upon an individuals heart to complete. I’m proof of such many have witness such in person and have read about online. I don’t write for entertainment here I write because Souls matter to God, “YOUR SOUL MATTERS TO GOD!!!” This why I write and put my life at risk for Jesus because Jesus Christ, laid His life down on the cross because of all our sins.

I Have Some Thought Provoking Questions For You.

Ask yourself these questions ponder upon these questions and measure these questions against the Word of God!

Ask Yourself The Following

  • Am I being serious for Jesus or being a Joker before God,
  • Am I willing to lay my life down (If Need Be To Promote Jesus!)
  • Am I standing out from the crowd for Jesus or following the trends of this world and blending in playing it safe?
  • What in my life needs to change? What do I need to let go of to promote Jesus more?
  • Am I representing the Word of God or Am I being a Joker representing the trends of this world?

Pray With Me!

Abba (Father) I “Input Your Name Into Prayer” come before you because we need to have a real talk together (Pause) Confess from your mouth and pour it out before God, Thank you Lord, for hearing me and forgiving me I forgive others that have wronged me for if I hold forgiveness you also hold forgiveness from me.(Mark 11:25) Lord, thank you for loving me and thank you for Jesus laying His life down for my sins. Amen!

About the Author R.3.I.G.N.

I’m just an ordinary man that loves YHWH, with all my heart. I have deep passion to spread Gods love across all nations here on earth, because Jesus Christ, showed me His divine love for me and for the rest of the world and I want all individuals to be aware of the love of Jesus Christ, if they choose to accept that love or not.


    1. Hello desirayl, Welcome! to the Soulja_Squad community… Yes, praise God for His protection for His children.

      Blessings to you as well! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts much appreciated


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