Everything In This World Is Not Always What It seems

Hi Guy’s, 😊 Yep! its your boi R.3.I.G.N., How is everyone today? let me know in the comment section!

Yesterday I and Ana, were on a date and we were wrapping that date up and it was desert time, I and Ana, were talking about how there is so much fakery in this world even when it comes to the gospel for money gain. Shame on those preachers they know who they are. Anyways… Ana, said to me R.3.I.G.N. what are you going to do to prove to others they are easily duped and I replied with your permission my camera and you as the actress!

At first Ana was like What? then I explained to her, lets conduct a social experiment on Facebook and see how fast and how many individuals fall for the falseness I’m about to produce and upload and then afterwards I’ll turn it into a teaching.point! Ana, was still unsure and I explained you are eating jello as your desert can I make it appear as you got injured and just post the image with no written context why your mouth appears bloody. Ana, she is such a supportive troop. I say this because a lot of times she is down even if I’m taking a risk to get this ministry up and running (a whole another post possibly) she always says to me I’m down only if God is going to back it! I assured her that yes a bloody image is dramatic I also believe God will back the final result the teaching point aspect… But first I need dramatic to overload the individuals senses so they don’t investigate close enough to see it is just jello. So I can teach them afterwards don’t believe everything that is presented before you in this day and age where manipulations and lies can so easily be presented…

The Aftermath, After The Image Was Posted On Facebook

After I uploaded the image to Facebook, I posted just the image with no written context because I wanted the individuals on Facebook to draw their own conclusion of why her mouth appeared bloody. About 5 minutes later I was getting messages via messenger what happen to Ana, why is her mouth bloody? I did not respond to must until this morning with the quoted text further down in this post.

Original image that was uploaded to Facebook with no written context to spark individuals to come to their own conclusion (Facebook version has no watermark) to give off a more real effect Ana got injured.

Original photo zoomed in more with watermark to display the fake blood effect with Jello.

This is the image I used today to show the individuals on Facebook it was just jello with the following quoted text below.

News flash the image I posted of Ana, where it appeared there was blood coming from her mouth was a hoax, Ana is okay and unharmed we made that photo content to show how easy it is to trick others online this is why you cannot believe everything you see before your eyes for there are many bad characters in this world that post fake content for bad agendas… Here is the proof the image is not what it appears as. (Image Above)

The bloody mouth was actually just jello taken from a wide-angle camera shot to make it appear as a bloody mouth. My hopes are this was an eye-opener not to believe everything you read or see on the internet there is a lot of false content on the internet nowadays… I tricked quite a few of you with just a wide camera angle shot but many others go to great length to hide the fact that they are posting misleading information for bad intentions.

Please fact check your sources before you just accept believing content presented before you in this day and age.

Written By R.3.I.G.N.N.

A Lesson Also About Fake Gospel Also Being Spread Around The World

Guy’s If, I can fake a bloody mouth injury with just a cell phone camera and Jello then what about the fake prominent teachers and preachers that are twisting the Gospel for money gain hence why I said the following at the beginning of the post quoted below

there is so much fakery in this world even when it comes to the gospel for money gain. Shame on those preachers they know who they are.

Written By R.3.I.G.N.

Yes, I duped many friends and family on Facebook but how much more are individuals being duped on the internet and in person about the Gospel because individuals in the position to teach the Gospel are motivated by money gain or other agenda reasons to produce lies by twisting the word of God to produce that feel good experience about God’s word to line their pocket or other hidden agenda? My hopes are that these many false teachers and preachers that are purposely lying to line their pockets for other unknown agenda come to a repentance moment before it is too late to do so…

Fact Check Your Sources

There is a behind the scene Luciferian agenda and there are many very prominent individuals in this world that are pushing the devils agenda on many different topics and the misinformation (lies) spread across the internet like wild fire and many individuals don’t question those lies even though the proof is out there before them… For example an individual on Facebook admitted to me they got duped by the image and they also admitted that Ana’s facial expression didn’t match having an injury but they said they didn’t question that aspect enough because they were drawn in by the aspect they were feeling bad for their friend… I instructed Ana, to pose with a blank facial expression because that was the main clue it was fake but still many overlooked the poker face Ana, gave because the jello drew them in and had them believing she was injured and many wanted to know why even though I left clues in the image it was fake.

The Clues

  1. Ana’s blank look (poker face)
  2. She is calmly sitting at the table
  3. I took a high resolution image so if any individual that saw the image could have zoomed in and saw it was not blood.

These prominent individuals in this world that are pushing a luciferian agenda throughout the world know that these three elements will get most individuals to overlook the clues which are (Controlled Fear, Controlled Chaos, Controlled Information) for such examples “9/11” – “Covid 19” the clues are out there on both of these world events but many are not seeking for the clues because they take information at face value just like many did with the jello hoax image. The same applies to the Gospel as well we can access the bible online but many individuals just take the preaching at face value without measuring against the Word of God, even if the individual speaking has error in their teaching or straight out mixes the wording in the bible for money gain or a hidden agenda…

Final Words

My hope is by showing behind the scenes with the images and explanation I was able to help you wake your mind up to the fact “Everything In This World Is Not Always What It seems” it is our responsibility to search out the facts and the truth because if we don’t as individuals then we can easily be duped into believing lies presented before us. I could have roped in individuals more with an controlled narrative of my choosing through (Controlled Fear, Controlled Chaos, and Controlled Information) I choose not to but instead turn the image into a teaching point to help individuals awaken their mind if they as the (individual) choose to become awaken within their own mind.

7 thoughts

  1. I’m a messy eater so I always look like that! 😀

    Seriously though, yes we have to be careful that we’re not taken in by the media and, even more so, by those who don’t preach the true gospel. In the past, I’ve been drawn to those whom I liked what they said or because they were funny, etc., but when I really thought about what they taught I realised that it didn’t tally up with what Jesus taught. It really does matter to use Scripture as our guide.
    Great experiment! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lesley, Welcome! back. 😊 Thank you for sharing your insight and experience with me and the rest of S.o.H community I truly appreciate the time you took to share with us.

      God Bless! 😊

      Author of Soulja of Hope,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Donna, You’re welcome! and Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts with me and the community. 😊

      My hopes are this post helped you and many more to be more mind awaken in this day and age as the world grows colder by each day.

      Blessings to you and your family! 😊

      Author of Soulja of Hope,

      Liked by 1 person

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