Let’s Join Together To Pray For Cali,

Hope_Squad, lets pray for the people that live in Cali, they got wildfires going on right now. Meet with me in prayer in the comment section.

Edit: I just found out it is more states than just Cali


  1. Father, Please give the people from the emergency services all the strength they need to continue this fight to control the fires in California, Oregon and surrounding areas. Please comfort those who have lost family members and friends and those who have lost their homes, and look upon the wildlife too that is suffering this tragedy also. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  2. Father God, the individual’s in these affected states are going through some tough situations right now with the fire reckoning havoc Oh, father I Know you love these individuals in these affected states so Lord, please send your Angels to protect these individual’s and please send out the Holy Spirit for many to feel your presence of love because these individual’s are losing their lives and homes. Amen!

    Alright, let’s keep this prayer going!


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