Video: The Simple Message Jesus Loves You!

Wutz Up Guy’s, How was your day let me know in the comment section. My day was a little rough today but it turned around when I hit the streets downtown to walk with Ana,

Today I’m sharing a quick video with you guys yes, I’m looking like a mess in the video because it was hot and I was sweaty from the heat and from walking around for hours before I made the video for you guy’s… I made the video to encourage everyone that telling others about Jesus doesn’t have to be hard all it has to be is as simple as have a nice day Jesus loves you… By doing and saying something so simple I was able to place smiles on others today and I was also able to hear awesome testimonies how Jesus is working in other peoples lives… Thank you Jesus for the help to keep me encouraged to say Jesus Loves you when I have come from a shy background growing up.

Alright Fam, the video is about 2 mins of encouraging you guys to spread the simple message daily that Jesus loves you…

10 thoughts

  1. Great video, R3IGN! “Jesus loves you.” Those words make me so happy! He loves you too. πŸ˜€
    You’re doing good work for our Lord by going out and telling people of His love. God Bless you!

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