This World Needs Jesus Over Violence

Hello everyone, 😲 Today I awoke from taking a nap to hear about another shooting a mile from where I live… Ana,has lived in her neighborhood for 10 yrs, me 2 1/2 years and this year alone it is feeling like a war zone almost every day now at least one shooting happening in our neighborhood or close to our neighborhood and some days multiple shootings… Ana, said this year alone is the worst for her neighborhood. 😢

The guns need to be laid down and the bible picked up for true unity to happen. -R3IGN,

By R3IGN, author of Soulja of Hope,

I’m posting the video below for anyone that doesn’t understand the gangsta mindset

For any gangsta reading this post including the ones in my neighborhood that know about this website, I’m not trying to disrespect here for your choice of lifestyle I’m just trying to let the gangstas know there is more to life than the gang life like I said been there done that. Firsthand I understand the gangsta mindset for I was once a gangsta myself… I’ve been to hell for taking a overdose at the age of 16 and I assure you if you catch that bullet and you end up in hell you gonna wish you didn’t catch that gat.

God truly loves you and I get that aspect is hard to believe but I’m an example of God’s love for like I said Jesus saved me from hell… Even though I ended up in hell from taking an overdose I didn’t stop living out the gangsta life until my early 20’s it is because I realized it is not what it is all promoted to be… Your life matters to God your soul matters to God and your soul matters to me hence why I’m pleading to lay down the guns and pick up the bible and promote unity.

R3IGN’z Prayer

Oh, Father, I so get the tactic of the devil promoting the gangsta mindset for it is like a casino for the devil where the devil is cashing in on souls early on for violence is promoted for many elements in the gangsta lifestyle… Oh, Lord, people “souls” are being removed from this earth on the streets and the devil is winning souls for the sake of revenge out on the streets… Oh Lord, being an ex-gang-banger my heart truly aches over this issue for so many in this world are dying before they become to know about Jesus Christ. Amen!