Hope_Squad I Need Your Prayerz

Hello Hope_Squad, I’m seeking prayer right now many individuals including the pits of hell doesn’t like it that I keep it real here on this platform and also within our neighborhood… I am under heavy attack from many angles spiritually right now and I need brothers and sisters to lift me up right now in prayer… In the past when I would write prayer request posts many would just click the like button and move on this not a post to just be pressing the like button and just move on... I really need Souljaz in my corner right now lifting me up and the private situations before the Lord, for I am dealing with something right now where an individual I care about is being falsely accused and may end up paying hundreds of dollars for something they are not guilty of and can prove such but the person represented on the letter is not returning the call to hear this persons side of things.

Oh, Lord, Your boi, R3ign, right now needs you to break the silence and guide me, Please Lord, hear me for I am breaking under this heavy stress.