The devil Is Nothing More Than An Chump and The devil Knows It!

Ha ha satan I’m still here just another failed attempt when are you going to learn, a child of YHWH, is unreachable and untouchable?

Speaking Against The Opposition From hades (hell)

Hello everyone! Welcome! First off I would like to take a moment and thank the devil for this opportunity to speak oh, I, can imagine it the pits of hell is like take shelter R3ign, is about to cause a spiritual earth quack hell.

On a serious note when you start to prove to others you are child of God the devil becomes unsettled and the devil tries his best to catch you off guard to try and shut you down… Umm, yeah how did that work out satan? because I’m here for another round getting ready to expose you and your nasty tactics. Oh, satan you just don’t get it and that makes me laugh 🤣 inside deeply because I’m a child of God getting ready to speak just how powerful the name of Jesus really is.

Back on January 1st 2020 when S.o.H hit the internet scene I had a goal to show others what it is like to be a Soulja for Jesus Christ, everyone’s truest Soulja of Hope to imitate… As the months pressed onward you guy’s started to speak up online and on the streets how S.o.H is giving you guy’s hope to live for Jesus Christ, in the manner of a relationship aspect. Oh, satan hates that aspect because I, “R3ign” just a ordinary man on the internet and the streets is gaining attention and pointing others to Jesus Christ, Oh, satan did you just experience the first quake!!!

The Fight Is Very Real

1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3 Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 12:1-3

Many don’t know this but the close circle of Christians I turn to, too let them know what is going on and the opposition I’m receive running the S.o.H movement is a strong God fearing circle of individuals. For the past 3 weeks every morning as I was waking up the pits of hell was gnawing at me trying to wear me done mentally and for the most part I was standing strong until Ana, my beautiful high school sweet heart got entangled by an attack from the pits of hell… When Ana, got falsely accused and it almost it cost her hundreds of dollars in fines at this point I got caught up in my head and Yes, the pits of hell injected the thought in my mind “just delete S.o.H with no notice and stop hitting the streets for Jesus, and the trouble will go away for Ana,

I truly love Jesus Christ, and I truly love Ana, as well. The situation was looking grim and it was looking like Ana, was going to have to pay a fine for something she truly was not guilty of and we had proof to prove such but I was running into road blocks to get that proof in front of the person that had the ability to do something with the proof and back off the fine… I’m human like the rest of the you and I struggle with the same elements and for weeks prior the devil was trying to mentally break me down and it was slowly working but when the pits of hell threw Ana, under the bus my mind became messed up because I got caught up in the what if’s This mind element caught me off guard and I wasn’t being frosty (alert) Praise Report God fixed the matter and the fines were erased!!! 😊 Praise You Jesus!

The close circle I stay in contact with started firing back with no holds bar sharing scripture for correction stating God has no desire for a quitter, I truly appreciate the individuals in this small circle because the advice and scripture sharing helped me refocus… Like I said earlier I am human like the rest and I started to throw the towel in but I didn’t!!! because that small circle of individuals knew fully what was going on and hit God up with prayer and they went full stem ahead linking to various sources online to encourage me to pick up the demon slaying sword back up (bible) and get back in the fight against hell for God was then and is still in full control. .

I truly appreciate that these individuals don’t expect me to be Soulja up’d all the time and that they can accept that I too struggle like the rest… But these individuals are as well Souljaz for YHWH, and are not afraid to say Jesus R3ign, is down right now we need a Spiritual medic (Holy Spirit) My heart is truly humbled by their actions for Jesus Christ and their attitude no Soulja left behind… Truly if it wasn’t for God placing these individuals in my life I cannot honestly say I would have not shut down S.o.H.

I would like to thank these individuals for their Soulja stance and I encourage the regulars here to let these individuals in the comment section know your appreciation as well… Now onto the aspect of where I stand! I believe the first quake was just a warning quake for the pits of hell from YHWH… For like it was in the time frame as a teenager I was down to lose my life for the gang lifestyle… The same applies here as well… I’m “ALL IN” and no threat of any kind is going to stop me for I know now deep down just how serious it is that others need to have another human to look up to that will be humble but yet bold while pointing towards Jesus Christ, for it truly is not about me but it is all about Jesus and the power that comes with the name Jesus Christ, Ouch satan I bet that one hurt deeply to hear Jesus Christ, being praised over you.

Moving Forward!

Moving forward for S.o.H, I understand better now just how tricky the devil can be as well patient and I plan to write to expose those tactics from the devil as the Holy Spirit, continues to direct the writing here. Many of you guy’s online and the streets have said I can tell God is doing mighty work through you r3ign, and the authority of YHWH, is felt backing the S.o.H movement. Well the devil truly hates this aspect and the devil is not going to stop either because he is persistent that is just an element of the Spiritual warfare on the battlefield and like I said from this point I’m hunkering down on that battlefield online and on the streets because I’m truly “ALL IN” and I’m becoming a stronger Soulja on a daily basis moving forward so others can know the power behind the name of Jesus Christ,

Okay satan I bet you felt that final quake in hell because truly Jesus Christ, is the only Soulja I care to imitate and promote. So listen up satan you no good chump, I’m not just a child of YHWH, I’m a Soulja others can look upon and be pointed towards Jesus Christ as well. 💯