Nightly Prayer For 9/27/2020

Lord, thank you for this platform thank you for everyone you direct to this platform, Lord, please help me to bring soul enriching content to this platform to help others come to know Jesus Christ, and to grow closer to Jesus daily as well.

Lord, please protect everyone tonight and bless them as well. Lord, also please help the individuals with no Job’s and bless the ones that currently have a job as well, Lord, please help and heal individuals with health matters in Jesus mighty name. ☺Amen!

Please feel free to add your prayer in the comment section as well God really loves hearing from everyone! Write your prayer to God!

By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...


  1. Father, Thank You for R3IGN and Ana and the work they do to further Your Kingdom. Thank You for their genuine hearts and the creativity they put into spreading Your message. Strengthen them as they may face persecution for Your sake and shower upon them many blessings. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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    1. Thank you Lesley, for your prayer support. ☺`

      My Prayer for you Lesley, is the following.

      Father, God, thank you for Lesley and thank you for bringing Lesley, to this platform, Father I ask that you help Lesley, with their daily struggles and I ask that your presence be known and seen heavier in Lesley’s life that when others interact with Lesley, there is no denial by any human that Jesus is the center of focus in Jesus mighty name. ☺ Amen!

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