Thank You Ana, For Your Encouraging Realness With Me

I truly believe Ana, is my soulmate from God, back when we were teenagers I was gang banging hardcore and Ana, was back then R3ign, I can see better in you than you can see in yourself. To this very day Ana, still tells me I can see you have more to give within than you are seeing yourself…

I told Ana, I felt like backing down, from WordPress, and Ana, started to lol, and I asked her why she was lol in front of me, and Ana, said R3ign, can you honestly say you are the type that ever took any type of beating lying down? or are you the type that kept fighting no matter what was at stake?

Man, Ana, sure knows how to break through and get the deeper thought itch going in my mind where I cannot shake off what she says to me, to be honest in the human aspect she is the only one that I have ever allowed to speak to me in a manner that shakes me to the core… Others I hear what they have to say and for the most part I will take to heart what they have to say but Ana, just has a way about her that draws deeper within my mind compared to other humans.

I recently told Ana, I was walking away from the WP platform and was going to hit up social media… Again she started laughing I asked why are you laughing? and Ana, said you be back to WP blogging because you never been the type to walk away without returning when there is passion behind it… Ana, also said the following

R3ign, you have a passion to write for God, and the WP platform is the tool for you to write that passion, I just stood in silence and Ana, said yeah you cannot fool me I know you, you will be back on WordPress and you will come back stronger because you also don’t accept failure laying down without getting back up to keep fighting to keep pushing forward

Ana, is right about everything she said to me.

Thank you Ana, for you are always keeping it real with me you always have a way to encourage me that helps me push forward instead of giving up.

After Ana, talked with me I stumbled across this article from another blogger on God Interest → Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams⧉

Ana,I truly love you and everything God is molding you to become in the name sake of Jesus Christ,

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