Website Update: Micro blogging

I have decided to utilize this platform as a microblog -R3ign,

Hi Guy’s, after reviewing the website data I have discovered that the readership is declining. I’ve never been the type of person to give up easily… After praying about this and much consideration I was ready to switch over to using Facebook and Twitter and drop WordPress altogether. I have decided to stay because I realize this is not fair to the WordPress-community, you guy’s really rock!

Editorial Remark: (At bottom of post)

I’ve decided I will post in the micro-blogging format like found on twitter or tumblr… These type of posts will be short and to the point. I will say it, the longer posts are not meeting the quality I desire to have here… Since readership is declining and this website is still young this is the perfect time to switch up… I may later down the road place some longer formatted blog posts but for this season in life they will be in the micro-blogging format. Giving up is not an option, so the only option is to push forward and switch up the post format here.

Editorial note: I accidentally left out of the writing above I was choosing to stay here on WP and it triggered an comment of concern from a caring reader and long term blogging friend. So I have added the following “I have decided to stay because” to clarify I meant I’m going to microblog on the WP platform. I’m truly sorry for missing to add I’m staying before I published the content.

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  1. I’m glad that Pure Glory addressed you on this, R3IGN, because I’ve been thinking about it and I totally agree with them.
    Don’t be discouraged by the lack of response here on WP. I’ve found there are a good few petty people who will ghost us if we don’t share their opinions, whether it be spiritual matters or political matters. I’m amused at the antics of two ladies at the moment – if I comment on one of their blogs, the other won’t comment and vice versa. They profess to be Christians. Some are too hooked on numbers of comments and followers. What I see with my blog is that many viewers come to my blog from Google, and it heartens me when I think that they may have been googling some problem, worry or just looking to know more about God and may have found solace in something I’ve written. We are not always aware of the good that comes out of our work for the Lord, but He knows and that is what counts.
    God bless you, R3IGN, for you have a sincere heart for Him.


    1. Hello Lesley, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the post topic. I really appreciate it.☺ I’m sorry to hear about the matter you mentioned in your comment… I will be praying for unity, healing, and forgiveness to God for all parties involved in the matter.

      Yes, so true just one person could be looking for answers and God could choose to send them to this platform for answers and I totally agree that the number focus can harm the aspect that if I would have stepped away that one or many individuals may never receive the answer they are looking for. Thank you for sharing from that point of view that has inspired me to not be concerned that over the course of two days I lost half the traffic here.

      The focus point from this point forward is the audience needs to be “one” which is Jesus Christ, that I write for and God will take care of the rest… Recently I posted some edgy content to hopefully provoke deeper thought in individuals because I have been to hell as a teenager and I don’t want anyone to go there… God has shown me that yes in that edgy content I promoted Jesus but I needed to back down and build a trust base on this platform that I’m for real about being a soulja for God and that I’m for real about Jesus Christ.

      It was the Holy Spirit that came to me and said R3ign, switch up and micro-blog on WP and watch what God will do in return…. My hopes are that when any individuals discover S.o.H platform that the writing here enriches their soul in return. 💯

      My Prayer for the matter mentioned in Lesley’s comment.

      Father, God thank you that you are a loving God when us humans struggle to be on the straight and narrow for you Lord. I pray for unity, healing, and forgiveness with all parties involved in Jesus, mighty name. ☺ Amen!

      Thank you Lesley, for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on the post topic.


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  2. R3IGN, you will be missed on WordPress! Sometimes it is better not to go by the numbers. One person can hear the right thing and change history. Billy Graham was saved in an evangelistic meeting that was not well attended as a teenager. He met his destiny and changed many lives. Don’t get discouraged. Unless, God told you to drop WordPress, I would hang in there a little longer.

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    1. Hello Pure Glory, thank you for reaching out with concern and encouragement… I really appreciate that! ☺👍

      At first I was like what I thought the post stated I was staying and to my surprise it did not and I apologize for the lack of wording. I have added I’m staying and an editorial note as well explaining I added

      I have decided to stay because

      I’m truly sorry the post gave you the impression I was leaving WP because of the lack of wording that I was staying…

      As for Billy Graham, so true God, did complete a miracle with that situation.

      Just to be clear I’m staying here and again truly sorry the post conveyed other wise… Thank you again for caring and for taking the time to write your heart felt feed back.


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    2. Sometimes it is better not to go by the numbers.

      Pure Glory, Thank you for this feedback I agree website numbers are just that numbers another reason why I’m choosing to hang in here at WP. Because where it truly matters is souls and I don’t want to affect that aspect before God,

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