Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

R3ign, Praying!

Father (Abba) thank you for another day… Recently Lord, I felt alone but knew deep down that you had not forsaken but instead I got caught up with life, in my own mind but yet, your loving presence never left… Lord, thank you for always being there even when I thought and felt I was alone.

Father, I am not the only one in this world that has felt this way. Oh, father, I pray your presence becomes know stronger in other individuals lives so they too can experience your never ending love for them in Jesus, mighty name .☺💯 Amen!

By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...