Morning Prayer For 9/30/2020

Hope_Squad, We must stand united with each other to promote the Love of Jesus to mankind in a world that is experiencing hatred.


Oh, Father, (Abba) its your boi R3ign, on a new day with an aching heart Father, there is so many Christians debating the politics of religion but are overlooking the aspect of relationship with Jesus over the religion aspect… Oh, Father, God (YHWH) the one and only true king the demons have been orchestrating division since the fall of Lucifer and the rogue angels that choose to follow Lucifer’s ways against you Father, God. YHWH, Oh, Father, there is so many wolves in sheep clothing promoting Jesus Christ, your only perfect Son, in a dark way that is hard to detect at times… Oh, Lord Father, YHWH, there is also Christians children of yours like myself that are trying to rep you to the core like you made each of us to uniquely bring to the table to bring worship back on your word and name, the very name above all other names…

Lord, help me to continue to reach these lost souls for you Lord, Also Lord, I’m requesting continue to teach me ways to promote Jesus and show other children of yours ways to promote Jesus Christ, our only true Savior and truest Soulja of Hope to imitate… Father, increase your children’s discernment and increase the Holy Spirit upon this dying world in Jesus mighty name. ☺ Amen!

Hope_Squad What is your favorite Worship song… Lets build together a wall of worship unto Father Yahweh!

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