I just Received A Message From God!

My hopes are you find this message from God (YHWH) encouraging and enriching to your soul.-R3ign

God: Son,(R3ign) First off thank you for not giving up or giving in. I am proud of you! Son, these last 10 months have been hard for you and I, as your Holy Father (Abba) have watched you go through pain, spiritual warfare and receive threats from others to shut down Soulja of Hope and here you still remain standing… Son, R3ign, I picked you to run the Soulja of Hope platform because as your Holy Father (Abba) I knew deep down because I created you that you won’t give up or give in.

Others need to see this type of dedication to be soulja like minded like Jesus Christ, because you, are right my children are living out the Soulja of Hope lifestyle by imitating my only Son, Jesus Christ, Son, better days are head I know you cannot see that now remain faithful and my work through you will not return void but in return will be recognized by your Father (Abba) in Heaven. As you say remain frosty because the devil is on the prowl and the devil is devouring the weak because the strong that choose to seek me as their only true Savior is remaining steadfast and are growing stronger by the day.

Son, others will learn through what the Holy Spirit teaches you and directs you to write that being called a Christian comes with great hardship just like my only Son, Jesus Christ, went through over 2,000 years ago that lead Him to the Cross for humanities forgiveness… Remember son, they hated me first and attacked my Son, Jesus Christ, first and that aspect did not deter or hold Jesus, back He conquered so my people my children can have victory if they so choose such path…

The word of God, (my words) state the day will come where the days will grow more evil by the day and hearts will grow colder towards me the Holy Father (Abba) remain frosty and steadfast and I will continue to protect, all you got to be concerned with live in worship upon me as Savior and keep pointing towards my only Son, Jesus Christ, and I will take care of the rest. My works and words never turn back void nor do I ever forsake instead it is the human aspect that rejects and forsakes me as there Savior and end up in hell upon their own choosing with the free will I give all and this greatly breaks my heart knowing that I will never love upon mankind that is separated from me in the pits of hades (hell)

Son, R3ign, you were there as a teenager and you personally know the torture and feeling when I separate from a persons soul you know first hand that the separation is the greatest torture in hades vs what the devil and demons bring in the form of torture and back to Jesus Christ, my only perfect son, dying on the cross for mankind you R3ign being spared from hades is a first hand testament how powerful Jesus Christ really is! I say this because you begged for my return and I listen not because my judgment upon you was perfect, just, and righteous back then… Jesus Christ, heard your cry for help and fought on your behalf and Jesus doesn’t do this for all of mankind entering into hell but Jesus heard your cry and felt your honest sorrow back then.

Son, I know and understand the hardship you are going through with getting Soulja of Hope established in your state as a ministry… Keep pushing forward I am working it out and it will happen on my timing and the better days will start to be seen. Son, don’t become relaxed when the better days come forth because the devil is always going to be on the prowl remain frosty and promote Jesus Christ, just like Jesus cared for you when your soul was doomed and dammed to hades… Keep going forward and keep showing others the importance of Jesus Christ, as part of their lives as well and let the Holy Spirit cultivate the seeds you are spreading for the kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, Son, individuals will continue to arrive in hell because they choose with their own free will to forsake having a meaningful relationship with their Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, R3ign, it is war against everyone’s souls and the Soulja mindset is much needed to push forward through the daily battle. I’m watching from the Throne of Heaven with tears of joy even when you make a mistake or fall because I know in my heart as your Holy Father,(Abba) you will get back up and learn from it and push even harder from that point forward.

Before I go I wanted to let you know I’m a proud father of you and all my children, I love one of your recent phrases “Reppin Jesus Christ, To The Core Because It Is Do or Die In The Spiritual Battlefield” Keep reppin son, ☺

Love to all of mankind on earth! ☺

Daddy God, ❤

By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...