Whoa Shots Fired From The Pits Of hell

It is not if but when the devil and his demons are going to roll up on you to attack through a Spiritual drive by. -R3ign

Hey Guy’s I’m jumping on here to write to you guys because we must unite and lift each other up because the devil is hardcore attacking. It is not if the devil is going to attack it is when the devil is going to attack. As Christians we got to remain frosty (alert)

The devil hates it when we are on the pathway of serving YHWH, this morning I wasn’t awake no more than 10 mins and I could sense the demons rolling up committing a spiritual drive by… When the spiritual bullets are flying at you. You got to fire back the bullets of the word of God, In the Spiritual sense it is truly live or die among your spiritual warfare..

The devil wants souls in hell because the devil knows this hurts God (YHWH) because God created your soul. The devil is aiming with precise targeting methods to throw you off your pathway with having a relationship with Jesus Christ. In the physical world when individuals hear gun fire they take cover… In the spiritual battleground when a Christian hears those spiritual bullets firing off you cannot be caught without the armor of God, You got to wear that armor at all times and be ready for war instead of taking cover to hide you got to stay frosty and fire back those spiritual bullets of the word of God dipped in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Let’s Pray!

Abba, (Father) with all the things going on in the world today it is a distraction from the hidden element of the real warfare in the spiritual battlefield Lord, help us, by awakening our minds so we can see with our spiritual eye’s so we can see when the demons roll up to commit spiritual drive by’s Lord help us to not fear but to fire back our clips filled with the bullets of the word of God for these are the spiritual bullets the demons and the devil are afraid of because the spiritual bullets are also dipped in the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen!

By Mikel,

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