A Open Letter To My Enemies

I get it you dislike or even hate what I’m about authoring Soulja of Hope, are you tired yet? I ask because I am still here because God’s authority is backing the Soulja of Hope movement and no one can win against that strong authority. -R3ign

I truly get it not everyone likes to hear about Jesus Christ, or even believes Jesus is real… I also get individuals go against what they feel they are against… I’m sure with almost 500 subscribers that there is haters in the mix… If you are not interested with what I share here you can easily unsubscribe no hard feelings.

I’m obliviously not going to stop and I rather you not continue to waste your time… A little secret the hatred and attacks are actually fueling me to remain and the Lord, is using it to strengthen me because the hatred and attacks show me just how important it is not to give up.

Back when I was a gang banger I was hated by other gang sets and it didn’t deter me then and now I am a Christian and I am still not deterred by the hatred and attacks… I get what most haters are overlooking and that is “you” as a person are not my true enemy but the demons are that are influencing the hatred and attacks… I’m truly sadden by this because your soul is in the mix of it and you are missing out and I truly want you to experience the love of Jesus Christ, in your life as well.

I cannot stop I WON”T stop reppin for Jesus Christ, unless God calls me home to Heaven, then from that point forward I will be purely worshiping YHWH in Heaven but until then I am going to push forward and rep regardless what the Lord, lets come my way… I say this because I am not interested in the argument of religion when I am focused on the relationship aspect with Jesus Christ, the very Savior that spared me from the pit of hades (hell)

Hope_Squad, I’m here to remain I am not caving I am going to push forward and rep Jesus to the core and expose the devil for the chump he really is and continue to work with the Holy Spirit to display the love of Christ.

Prayer For My Enemies

Abba, (Father) Your Son, Jesus Christ, was hated upon and the bible clearly states your children will be hated upon as well for your name sake… Lord, I don’t hate the humans that choose to hate and attack me I forgive them because I know deep down it is the pit of hades orchestrating the hatred and attacks. Lord, my heart aches for these individuals because they probably don’t realize the danger zone they have place their soul upon you Lord, Oh, Lord, I ask you to help them by showing mercy and to help these individuals with softening their harden heart towards you father, for they are not truly hating or attacking me but are hating and attacking you Lord, Oh, how dangerous that is So, Please reach out to them like you did Saul in the bible. Amen!