I’ve Been Thinking How God Has Been Molding Me For The Leadership Position With The S.o.H Platform

To be an effective leader you first have to believe in yourself and be willing to get in the mix and lead along side others around you. -R3ign,

I got to thinking about my past leadership position as a professional cleaner and how I have a leadership position now with S.o.H God was molding me for this leadership position.

As I’m completing fall clean out around the house and garage. Ana, said man R3ign, you work fast under pressure. I use to be a professional cleaner before the brain tumor… I find myself that I clean the best when there is a pressure of a deadline. I use to supervise a 30 person crew. Before I come onboard as supervisor the crew wasn’t organized at all, by 4 months later I was leading the crew like a well oiled machine… It is because I took notice to individuals weakness and strengthens and encouraged them to improve by not standing around but getting up in the mix with them and showing them how to be efficient where they struggled.

A person that has a leadership position but is not willing to lower themselves into the mix with others will run into problems because individuals respect a leader that will walk beside them in the thick of things instead of just barking orders from the supervising position. I am finding this to be the same with S.o.H as well I got to be willing to live out what I write to, others in blog posts I got to be in the trenches with them and along side them the same as them and lead when necessary and jump back into the bottom position to serve God right beside them

it is surely a juggling act of responsibilities but in my opinion individuals need to know you are not just going to lead but also serve along side them and not be like I am a higher position than you so do what I say… No I rather act upon what I say myself and have others naturally follow because they feel lead to follow through themselves and not because individuals feel it forced upon them.