Soulja You Got This!

Soulja you, got this! because you are unstoppable through Jesus Christ! -R3ign, (Inspired from Luke 1:37 ESV)

37 For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Bible ESV Version

Lets Pray Together

Abba, (Father) Thank you for your power and authority in my life for with you in my corner there is nothing that can stop us, from living out your will here on earth… Oh, Father, your name shall be lifted above all names as I seek to worship you through all I do here on earth for the name sake of your true perfect Son Jesus Christ. Amen!

Show Your Support As A Community

Unity Through Community Actions

Here at S.o.H platform it is about Jesus Christ, first and foremost as the main focus but also here at S.o.H it is about community and I recommend checking out the active supporters on the →💡Spot Light💡← page and check out their blogs as well and if you like what you read then give them a like, share, and a follow. Here at S.o.H as the author I am about recognizing and showcasing other active Christians.

How To Be Added To The Spot Light Page

If you would like to be added to the Spot Light page be active with the community in a way that honors God with supporting others. please do the following comment, like, share, on a regular basis to show your support towards the community and platform. I encourage you to interact with the S.o.H community for months like the individuals on the Spot Light page so, the community is enriched by your presence as well by sharing posts you help contribute to the community growing and I will update the page with new individuals every so many months to showcase you as active community supporter and active Christian “Hope_Squad” for Jesus Christ.

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