Thank You Jesus For Progress On The Streetz

It Is easier to find reasons to hate vs practicing love. -R3ign

Greetings recently I wrote an Open Letter To The Enemies of the S.o.H movement today after I left out the house with Ana, one of the individuals I gave a business card to months ago approached me for forgiveness and forgiveness is what I provided them. I had a chance to talk with this individual and I asked why? they choose to drag my character through the mud and the individual explained they are not well knowledgeable with computers or with technology all together. So they hit the streets daily to promote Jesus Christ towards others, I think that is awesome they have the drive to do such.☺

This individual explained to me that jealousy overtook them because they felt I was over shinning them on their ministry turf, This was not my intentions for I see it as God created the earth so there is plenty of room for many God driven ministries and movements to co-aside together online and the streets. The individual explained they were watching and had notice I was making head way on the streets and they felt outshined and this made them feel threaten so they switched up out of jealousy to try and shut down S.o.H presence on the streets but as of today this individual came to me and apologized because they said that God, approached them and said they were in the wrong.

I’m thankful God, is doing such within the background of this movement ministry correcting what is meant as an evil act of malice fueled by jealously… I thanked the individual for being real with me and they told me what they had done and said on the street to try and ruin the reputation of my character and the S.o.H movement stance… I truly do forgive this person for I to seek forgiveness before God when I make mistakes or flat out do wrong and know I am doing something wrong for I am not perfect either I am human like the next.

I accepted the apology with humbleness before God almighty but I must admit this individual did hurt me within. The old me would have not stood for this type of character assassination but the new me through the reborn process of Jesus Christ, choose to stand down and let God handle the matter while continuing to show love over hatred. I remained friendly when I saw this person in the neighborhood and the individual told me today that, the kindness I choose to offer them when they felt they didn’t deserve such kindness coming from me towards them in-return God started to change how they viewed me as a person and view the S.o.H movement.

Today I simply said I forgive keep grinding for Jesus and I’ll do the same for we both have the same core driven purpose. My hopes are God will provide opportunities where this person will become discipled by anyone God chooses for this individual so they can become soul enriched to be even more effective for Jesus Christ, in their personal life and on the streets as they minister Jesus Christ towards others.

Lets Pray Together

Author: R3ign,

Abba, (Father) Thank you for showing your children how to love over hate and how to forgive over keeping a grudge. Lord, I ask of you to help this individual become closer to Jesus Christ, in a relationship aspect I also request that you help them become more efficient with promoting Jesus Christ, on the streets for this core aspect is much needed in the neighborhood and throughout the rest of the world. In Jesus mighty name Amen! If you agree with this prayer hit up the comment section with an “Amen”

Show Your Support As A Community

Unity Through Community Actions

Here at S.o.H platform it is about Jesus Christ, first and foremost as the main focus but also here at S.o.H it is about community and I recommend checking out the active supporters on the →💡Spot Light💡← page and check out their blogs as well and if you like what you read then give them a like, share, and a follow. Here at S.o.H as the author I am about recognizing and showcasing other active Christians.

How To Be Added To The Spot Light Page

If you would like to be added to the Spot Light page be active with the community in a way that honors God with supporting others. please do the following comment, like, share, on a regular basis to show your support towards the community and platform. I encourage you to interact with the S.o.H community for months like the individuals on the Spot Light page so, the community is enriched by your presence as well by sharing posts you help contribute to the community growing and I will update the page with new individuals every so many months to showcase you as active community supporter and active Christian “Hope_Squad” for Jesus Christ.

Author/founder of S.o.H

2 thoughts

  1. Amen. Thank You Lord for Your great example of love and forgiveness. You have given the most when we deserved it least but needed it most. We are nothing without You and everything with You. The power of You, our precious God rests within us, enabling us to extend mercy. Oh, You are so great, Father. We love and praise You for taking such good care of us (Your children). We are in awe of You. We sing Your praises and pray Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah, holy and worthy are You, oh God, our Strength and great Redeemer. Glory to Your name. We exalt You as King of kings and Lord of lords. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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