Behind The Scenes Of: Name Change And Avatar

Coming forth with my God given name “Mikel” and displaying an avatar of me allows me to be free to be creative representing Jesus Christ.moving forward! -Mikel,

Greetings! These last 10 months have been a journey of becoming more mature through the power of Jesus Christ! Yes, I have experienced opposition and heavy spiritual warfare at times throughout the last 10 months and recently I felt defeated and I was behind the scenes crying out to Jesus Christ, for the strength to stand back up and remain in the good fight of representing Jesus Christ.

To say this journey for the last 10 months has been easy is an understatement because easy is not so, It has been very hard at times and I have cried a lot of tears behind the scenes and Ana, has been a true Soulja of God (YHWH) always directing me back to Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Ana, would tell me things throughout these last 10 months like Mikel, God needs you to Soulja up so others can learn how to be a Soulja for God as well. You may not like the task before you at this time frame but God brought you forth for this mission.

I have never had a woman in my life that encourages me like this Ana, doesn’t hold back either she confronts me and tells me the hard truth I need to hear but not necessarily want to hear at the given time… Ana, is right though! God brought me here to this earth for His glory and plans and I need to start being comfortable within my own skin to complete such Heaven bound and Heaven driven mission…. I am not the only one on this earth that has suffered from abuse that caused the under-layer of shyness…

Going forth my hopes are by pulling back the curtains of shyness by using my birth name and the very face God created as the new avatar via S.o.H that it will spark a movement against shyness… I say this because God created us all on this earth and He (YHWH) created us with uniqueness to bring forth unique worship back unto YHWH. So, going forth I will still be working with the Holy Spirit, to bring forth content that tackles going after a relationship with Jesus Christ, verse chasing after religious aspects that are man made and practiced to this very day… Today starts a new chapter a new season in my life as well a new chapter and season for S.o.H representing Jesus Christ.


Abba, (Father) you are always the same even though we go through changes and I love this about you Lord, because I can trust that you will never change looking out for the best interest of each individual here on earth. Lord, show me new was I can connect with these individuals and bring froth representation of your Holy Son Jesus Christ, Lord, I request your authority and power to spark unity in Jesus name. I am ready Lord for the mission at hand being me now for this is the time the world needs Jesus the most with everything going on in the world today. Lord all of my life, you have been training me for this mission of unity through Jesus Christ, everyone’s truest Soulja of Hope. Amen!

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