New Author name and Avatar, still the same warrior for Christ! -Mikel

Greetings! As of recently I have been thinking and praying about the name R3ign, (Reaching 3veryone In Godz Nationz) and the Holy Spirit came to me and said the following

God: Micheal, it is time for you to be represented as “you” and not a pen name character. I understand for many years you were shy and because of the shyness you were not comfortable using your real name but for Christ to be represented to the fullest you must come forth as the author of S.o.H using your God given name “Micheal” to display maturity and to represent my Son Jesus Christ, from a personalized aspect.

Micheal I recommend using the short spelling of your name “Mikel” so readers understand your name is not the traditional name “Michael” .I also recommend using an image of yourself to show you are mature enough to be comfortable being you while representing Jesus Christ, this element will help promote trust to build an community around the name sake of Jesus Christ through the S.o.H movement.

WARNING: Music Video May Cause Seizures

As Mikel, I’m the Lord’s warrior

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