Elaborating: More On What I Posted On Facebook

Before S.o.H went online on January 1st 2020 God warned me that this movement ministry would not be easy and individuals that at first were down backing the S.o.H movement would part ways for whatever their reason is and I had to continue to wade through the tides no matter what pointing towards Jesus Christ!

Quoted From Facebook With Video Posted On Facebook

I’m Sadden & Encouraged!
I’m Sadden
I’m sadden because some folks refuse to see the change the Lord, is doing in my life and either started acting flaky or straight up moved on… I’m sadden for the sole reason not because these individuals have either started being flaky towards me or moved on from me but because their soul is in the mix of that trouble and it is dangerous grounds they are embarking upon.

I’m Encouraged!
I’m encouraged because even though my past is shady God doesn’t hold that against me like humans have done. I will continue to represent Jesus and watch as God continues to clear a path that directs individuals back to Jesus Christ and not myself now or into the future to come. Even though at times this road becomes lonely I can rest assure that by remaining “all in” for Jesus I will always have a dedicated friend and Savior beside me, encouraging me to go another day representing Jesus Christ!

Behind The Scenes Of What I wrote: I’m Sadden & Encouraged!

The devil operates in a militant fashion ready to devour (1 Peter 5:8⧉) any soul not armored up by the armor of YHWH, (Ephesians 6:10-18⧉) Jesus suffered for our sins to be forgiven (John 3:16⧉) and I will humbling suffer as well (1 Peter 4:12-19⧉) to bring the glory light of Jesus Christ, to souls that are trapped by the darkness of hades (hell)

The demons (fallen angels) of hades are fully aware because I was shy for most of my life, I would people please to not shake things up…Back in January of 2020 I set out to tackle this element! Oh man, so many people getting the ears tickled with lies now days by many ministry’s and churches and they are comfortable with it. (purely dangerous)

These past 10 months I have fought alongside Jesus Christ, to conquer shyness and all the elements that surrounds with the element of shyness, The bible says we must be fishermen of souls (Matthew 4:19⧉) and there is no room for shyness for such to be completed. I knew with knowledge that there is no room for shyness but had a hard time understanding breaking away from shyness representing Jesus Christ, I thank Jesus Christ, because shyness is melting away in my life, and souls are being reached!

These last 10 months have been rough to say the least covid has placed a lot of roadblocks in place to move from just blogging to moving forward also in to the physical elements of the streets and speaking engagements because of the social distancing. I am going to continue to trust YHWH, that His plans will prevail because I truly believe nothing of God returns void.

Blogging is the aspect of publishing written content online to me it is far deeper than that! I say this because when I write I think of souls and behind the scenes I pray for souls that come here one time or on a regular basis. I even pray for souls that don’t know about S.o.H yet because I want everyone to meet the very Jesus Christ, that went up on the cross to save them… Why is this? Because I have been to actual hell as a teenager when I killed myself, the term “hell on earth”has no comparisons to actual hades.

Even though I have been meet with opposition leading the S.o.H movement I will continue to pray for “these” individuals because even though they have either started to act flaky or flat out moved on their soul is still in the balance and the soul aspect is where I am hyper-focused for God. I will also continue to choose Christ-love towards “all”individuals because I getting revenge like I have done in my younger years was fruitless and useless as I believe now the Love of Jesus conquers all.

The only perfect human to ever be on this earth is Jesus Christ! and I’m far from perfect there is still elements like the next human that needs to be worked on and conquered through the powerful blood & power of Jesus Christ.

As for S.o.H movement it is bigger than me the movement was started all the way back to Jesus being on this earth for Jesus Christ, is the truest Soulja of Hope, we will ever find or be saved by… I am just the chosen messenger of this awesome aspect Jesus Christ did for mankind back on earth and now in Heaven.

God, recently spoke to me that the S.o.H movement ministry is seen established in Heaven and God is working on the blockage to attain the needed elements to become a licensed ministry here on earth. My hopes are by sharing content here that individuals will become to know the true Jesus Christ, that fights for each soul. My hopes are moving forward recently moving away from shyness that the content here will soul enrich individuals with their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our only true Savior known to mankind. My other hope is also to help individuals have a more enriched ministry for Jesus Christ, as individuals seek to represent Jesus Christ in a world that is moving towards an anti-Christ position

God has tasked me not to prepare a gang set found on the streets but a army of God representing Jesus Christ, to the core a gang of believers that will not be shaken by the evil found throughout the entire earth that saddens God’s heart. I will continue to write about the hard facts and not tickle individuals ears in that mission process bestowed upon me from Heaven for people pleasing is purely dangerous when it comes to the aspect of souls remaining in the balance between truth and lies as well Heaven & hades.

My Prayer For Each Of “You!”

Abba, (Father) Thank you even though my past is of a shady character that could not be trusted I can securely be sure I am forgiven for my past now. Thank you also Lord, for helping me to break away from shyness and people pleasing that was going on before January 2020 for these last 10 months it has been hard saying it like it needs to be said about Jesus Christ, which is truthful!

Father God, there is individuals that are entrapped by the elements of shyness and individuals that are still entrapped by the element of tickling ears verse being truthful before you Lord, In Jesus mighty name I rebuke these demons and bind them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and seek for unity instead of division among your children for we are the lamp that brings true Holy light of Jesus Christ to this earth, that is suffering from a pandemic of lost souls that no one mentions for many don’t realize.

Father God, I want to complete the mission you have bestowed upon my soul with no comprise and I thank you Lord, even though the boldness within became misguided in the past you have forgiven me and have taught me how to fix it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lord, there is souls hurting within and have a misrepresentation of the true you Lord I ask that you help me discover new ways to bridge this gap in Jesus Christ, sovereign name Amen!

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