Website Update: For Now I will Be Posting Prayer Posts

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These last ten months I have heard countless times from individuals that they enjoy praying with me because they believe the prayers I pray are genuine and some have said to me online and on the streets keep praying Mikel. God is hearing you and making it happen.

As of lately I have been having writers block but when it comes to written prayers the blockage is not there… So I asked the Holy Spirit is God trying to tell me something? and this is the answer God gave me.

Conversation with God (YHWH)

God: Son, Mikel, There is a reason you have writers block but don’t have blockage when it comes to prayer! Son, Prayer is powerful because my children are seeking me first above all else in this world plagued by sin… Son, the sad aspect is my children are not praying to me enough when I have instructed such to place me first.

6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:5-7

God: Son, as you have seen as the author of S.o.H I have been moving the S.o.H platform through seasons and in this season I request you pray a lot for many topics and issues found throughout the world filled with sin, for Prayer will help unlock the Holy Spirits presence upon a world that is internally dying within the soul level and know it not… Son, I have allowed many battles come forth from the pits of hades so you can understand what to pray against. I love “All” of mankind (humans) and it is my greatest desire to lavish love upon them but they know it not and because of that they refuse such… Son, Pray about many things before me I will be listening for I desire unity among my children…

Mikel, the more you pray publicly and more individuals will jump onboard! for you are not just speaking to me but also teaching others I am approachable without some fancy prayer format. I look forward watching from the throne of Heaven as you take on this quest and I look forward to hearing from more of mankind that will also turn away from sin, and become my children through the powerful action my Perfect Son, Jesus Christ, completed on the cross for not even death could hold my Son, Jesus back!


Abba, (Father) I accept this quest as my true Savior, King & Leader of my soul… Your quest is my command coming from the authority of Heaven. I will seek your face above all in prayer Father for this what you ask of me. ☺ Amen!

By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...


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