Prayer For: Strength,

Recently I prayed for “Unity & Sovereignty” Today the Holy Spirit brought the word to mind strength! Please feel free to add your prayer in the comment section God loves hearing from each of us. ☺

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Lets Worship Together Unto Yahweh!

Today’s Prayer!

Father God, Oh, how you are so good to us each! Father, I recently prayed for “Unity & Sovereignty” Today Father, we seek your strength to woven together the “unity & Sovereignty” in each of our lives so we can become stronger souljaz that imitates that truest Soulja of Hope which is your only perfect Son, Jesus Christ, the name above all names… Oh, father, God in the last post you have proven you are listening and acting upon our prayer requests.

Oh, Lord, that is so awesome that we can call upon you and you listen but yet also reply in times of need… Father God, I request you give us the strength to carry out each day forth in your presence and to never give up even though as humans we become tempted to at times. Oh, Lord, your strength is there for us, we just need to believe & receive daily! without question (doubt) Lord, you say you will not forsake us, it is us, as humans that forsake you Lord, Oh, in the last post you said the battlefield line is drawn we shall not hesitate to heed such warning from the most high King of Kings & Lord of Lord’s.

Father God, I am still on the quest working with the Holy Spirit to awaken the slumbered souls and this a mission I need my brothers and sisters in Christ to stand behind and support… Father God I have broken trust on this platform in the past. 😢 So, Father please help me regain that trust I admitted to my wrong doings and have strive to move past but the offense and/or hurt may still be presence with some of individuals hearts among the S.o.H community Lord, if so, please heal them. I am truly sorry for the misguidance I fell for and stood behind without question…

Lord, the devil likes to trick us, to make us think it is you guiding us at times it is truly the antichrist spirit behind such agenda… Father, you are all anyone ever needs above all else So, Lord, please help us strengthen within to realize such on a deeper soul level as each day comes forth in Jesus mighty and powerful name Amen!.