Prayer For A Great Awakening of Slumbered Souls

Greetings! & Welcome! back, This prayer today is going to be a little different for these last 2 years God has been preparing me to write life changing messages & bold prayers coming straight from the Throne of Heaven. As of Today the Holy Spirit directed me to write a bold prayer before I release a message coming straight from the Righteous throne of Heaven…This bold prayer i’ll be writing is to prepare the earth for a massive awakening that “”only” can come from the Sovereignty (Supreme Power & Authority) from the Kingdom of Heaven!.

The Valley of Dry Bones
37 The hand of the Lord was upon me, and he brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the middle of the valley;[a] it was full of bones. 2 And he led me around among them, and behold, there were very many on the surface of the valley, and behold, they were very dry. 3 And he said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” And I answered, “O Lord God, you know.”

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A Bold Prayer From Mikel, For Slumbered Souls To Arise!

Father God first off thank you for entrusting me to this calling, Lord it was you and you alone recently that removed the shyness from within me… In 2015 I humbled myself before your Righteous Throne of Heaven and boldly in private prayed out to you and S.o.H was born from that prayer… Today I am, going to publicly and boldly pray forth a massive awakening of slumbered souls before your Righteous Holy Throne with “NO Doubt and No Mercy towards the pits of hades” for I believe you have called me forth to pray this bold prayer… Lord I request the Holy Spirit speaks through the prayer I write before nations of this earth.

Father God, as of right now of coming before your Holy & Mighty Throne of Heaven many chaotic elements have been released forth upon earth across all nations and individuals are becoming carious of your Mighty Righteous Throne of Heaven. Oh, Lord, I Mikel, before your Righteous Mighty Holy Throne humble myself and petition the massive awakening of slumbered souls and I loose through your Mighty Power & Authority (Sovereignty) of Heaven here on earth through petition of prayer for the Holy Spirit to go forth across the lands of “ALL” nations upon this earth to call out to souls right now Lord, Right now Lord, as I write this prayer. I bind here on earth the pits of hades through the sovereignty of your Righteous Holy Throne established in Heaven to act upon this petition of awakening the slumbered souls across all lands of nations of this earth, I kneel humbled before your Mighty Throne Yahweh, upon the front lines of the battlefield lifting “ALL” souls before your Holy & Heaven Righteous bound Throne… Lord open the ears and eyes of each individual upon this earth… Lord, I know the devil is hating I am praying about this and I don’t care about the devils feelings because souls are very important to you Lord, Holy Spirit I invite you to call out demons through me to cast back down to the pits of hades right now.

The Demon of the following that the Holy Spirit calls forth I cast down with the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, and the mighty power of Yahweh from the Throne of Heaven. The demon of depression, unworthiness, doubt, fear, unbelief, be gone in Jesus Christ mighty name individuals across all nations of earth will now begin to awaken from depression, despair, fear, and unworthiness, shyness, as well for your weak demonic power and influence is now binded through the power of Heaven and the Mighty Son, of Yahweh which is Jesus Christ. I Mikel, through the power of Heaven and the powerful name of Jesus Christ, cast you to the pits of hades. The Spirit of drugs & alcoholism, I also bind your influence and powers here on earth and individuals will begin now to hear the Holy Spirit call out to put down drugs & alcohol and now will be able to stand up and walk away from the entrapment of these sinful elements of the pits of hades. “All” Slumbered souls you are free in name of Jesus Christ. So, stand up! and follow Jesus Christ. towards the Father in Heaven. In Jesus Mighty name I proclaim this action.

The evil spirituals of discord and dissension I also bind your influence and powers I break the chains in the name of Jesus Christ, I also petition before the Righteous Throne of Heaven for the blinders to be ripped from the minds of each individual placed here on earth upon all nations through the Holy Father of Heaven Jehovah-jireh. The weak powers of hades is now shifting away from each individuals desiring to know Jesus Christ, that also desires to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ your weak powers no longer have a foot hold upon these individuals lives for the Holy Spirit is right now sweeping the land of all nations calling forth for the slumbered souls to be awaken and the blinders to fall away in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. So, Stand Up through the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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    1. Hello & Welcome To S.o.H Zama-Zoe Grace, thank you for your support with agreeing with the written prayer… You’re most welcome for praying! God is good to us all,

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