The Beginning Of Ripping Away Of The Hidden Curtains Of hades

Greetings! Everyone, Recently God had me write a powerful message and within that message God stated He was going to rip away the hidden curtains of hades (hell) and expose the devil for who he really is.-Mikel

I AM not holding back from the world being exposed to the hidden curtains of hades (hell) for I AM about to rip it away and expose the dragon for who the devil really is.-God

Reference Link → Praise Report: God Is Listening & Acting!

Before S.o.H come forth on January 7th 2020 God come to me and told me that God was going to use this platform to rep Jesus Christ, as well bring the fight to the devils doorstep. The Holy Spirit has lead me to share this video this morning for God is not just using the S.o.H platform to rip the hidden curtains of hades but is using other Souljaz of Hope through out the world. I encourage to take time to listen to this video below.

God Bless everyone!



Father God,thank you for your love for all of mankind. Lord, I pray for minds across nations to be awaken today by hearing the video below… While individuals listen to the video below I pray the kingdom of hades will begin to feel the trembles as hades begins to experience powerful dismantle as the Kingdom of Heaven begins the process of operation Mercy & Love upon mankind as the curtain of darkness is ripped away and the pits of hades tactics are exposed in Jesus mighty name Amen!


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