As the new world order arises which is the antichrist movement God YHWH as well is raising a new breed of God fearing Souljaz of Hope that are not afraid because this new God (YHWH) fearing breed of Souljaz of Hope are fearless with confronting the doom of the antichrist movement coming alive before our very eyes on a daily basis to suppress the souls of mankind… God is raising up a new breed of fearless Souljaz of Hope that confronts exposing the lies from the pits of hades (hell) I too Mikel, is apart of the movement against the antichrist agenda, I am, a Fearless Soulja of Hope for the Kingdom of Heaven!

The Word of God is coming forth as truth before everyone’s very eyes and yet many either deny or are blinded still God made it very clear recently in the post → Praise Report: God Is Listening & Acting! the Writing is on the wall the battlefield line has been drawn by YHWH! So, now everyone will have to decide what side of the line you will represent and that is either YHWH or the sinful things of this world and no one will be able cry forth come judgement time coming forth from Heaven when that judgement takes place for YHWH, also stated there is a massive mercy mission gone forth right now.

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    1. Thank you for the song share I truly appreciate you being active in the S.o.H community… God loves you greatly as well loves the rest of mankind as well… Your presence here in the S.o.H community is welcomed!!!

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