Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Some of the S.o.H community may be missing the prayer posts, If you are here you go! ☺It is my pleasure to pray before God and the S.o.H community.

Morning Prayer For 10/25/2020

Father God it is evident that the world is more cold (evil) by the day and this element is making it harder on the human side to realize God’s love & mercy for humanity… Lord, I pray for you to help individuals realize you are there for them! Father God I recently prayed for a great awakening of souls and for this element to take place humanity must take a moment out of their daily busy schedule to realize your hands are upon their daily busy lives. Lord, today I pray that individuals will take time to reflect and when they do such I pray the Holy Spirit calls forth the notice of your workings of Heaven in each individuals lives across all nations here on earth.

I pray that the evidence becomes so evident that it draws more individuals to Jesus Christ, and as such element takes place the evidence of the great awakening becomes evident across all nations here on earth. Lord, with your power and authority I bind any evil spirits trying to block individuals from seeing your hand upon their lives if they live for you or not Lord in Jesus mighty & authoritative name. Amen!

Mikel’s Personal Prayer Made Public

Father God, I will not give up on the passion to spread the love & mercy of Jesus Christ, across all nations and I will not give up on the dream that backs such passion to spread the love & mercy of Jesus Christ, across all nations. God I cannot do it alone I need the help of other brothers and sisters through Jesus Christ, to help promote the spread of Jesus Christ’s love & mercy. Please Lord, place it upon your children’s heart to share the content available on S.o.H so the love and mercy of Jesus Christ can become known across the internet through nations.

Lord, as Christians we run the race against time and the pit of hades to spread the Love & Mercy of Jesus Christ, and the pits of hades is trying to block the element of Jesus being shared online. Lord I bind the evil spirits with your Power and Authority in Jesus Mighty name. Amen!