Soulja of Hope Is Taking On A New Direction!

Greetings & welcome! to S.o.H after many months of praying and spending time with our Lord, seeking guidance from the Spirit of our Lord! S.o.H is in the process of shifting towards a new direction! By the guidance through the Spirit of our Lord… As the purpose for this platform becomes more apparent through the Spirit of our Lord, as the author of S.o.H seeks guidance by spending time daily with our Lord through prayer sessions as well bible study daily.

Since January this platform has gone through changes like seasons in life.. During these last ten months I have a learned a lot! through the Wisdom of our Lord, and upon the guidance from the Spirit of our Lord, I will share in due time! As for now I will continue to mainly write prayers the Spirit of our Lord, guides me to write as well encouraging and any other types of content the Spirit of our Lord, lays upon my heart to publish to each of you. ☺

Thank you for taking the time to read this message Blessings through our Lord Jesus Christ, to each of you!

Author of S.o.H


Father God thank you for this platform to share the Love of Jesus Christ! our only True savior!!! Father God, thank you for the answered prayers and for the trails and hardships that have helped me discover my identity through Jesus Christ! Oh, Father in Heaven. as you Led souls to this platform I ask that you speak through me as I write upon the guidance coming forth from the Spirit of our Lord & Savior! Lord as of recently your healing hands have healed me from the shyness that had taken root within me when I was young and now it is gone! Praise you Lord, Jesus! for answering many prayers upon this subject. I surrender all to you Lord as the words that are written and content shared going forth on this platform are before your Holy Throne of our Lord & Savior. Amen!

By S.o.H

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Nico, and is now managed by Nico, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...


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