God Say’s It Is “Perspective”

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Countless times I have been on the side of man their grass of life is greener than my own, God must be listening to them more than me?… Well, that is a lie from hades (hell) it is about perspective because the other individual(s) may be seeing your life grass greener than their own even though you are seeing theirs as greener when they don’t believe such in their own life about the greener grass you think you are seeing in their life.

Perspective is a big part of growing in your faith walk and also a element to having a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ… What would your life start to be like? if you change your perspective on a daily basis and allowed the Holy Spirit the opportunity to guide your perspective!

Author Mikel,

Here is a song that implements the element of perspective.


    1. Hi Matthew, Yes! God’s perspective is always the best option for us all… I’m happy to here the video was helpful. ☺

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts with the S.o.H community.

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