Father God I Thank You! And Ask…

Dear Father God, as you know I asked you into my life back in 2011 and by 2015 I was on my knees praying that I wanted to be used as a servant for you YHWH, in a mighty way! That I didn’t want to have a relationship with you Lord that had man made practices or my own thoughts injected into the relationship if it was going to block me from knowing my Holy Father on a personal level. (having a meaning-full relationship)

Father God for 3 yrs now I have also been praying for a movement ministry team that would be willing to go above and beyond to serve you Lord, and as of recent S.o.H is no longer solo meaning I & You, for Lord, S.o.H has the beginning of a small team. ☺ Father God I pray for discernment as I & the team discuss the future direction of the movement ministry and the future direction of this blog. Lord, I thank you for setting me up with a person I can meet in person for accountability and Lord, I thank you for the other person as well that is helping me with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to seek future goals that will help shape the roadmap for S.o.H with the following 1 yr, as well the 5 & 10 yr roadmap by discussing S.o.H’s proposed upcoming changes and improvements. Father God thank you again for seeing this movement ministry through for it was just a prayer 5 yrs ago. Amen!

The Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to share this video at the bottom of this post.