Website Changes Taking Place Moving Forward (Team Work!)

Post Written by S.o.H Team Member,
On 🔥 4 YHWH!

Hello and welcome! Welcome to Soulja of Hope, our hope as the team behind the Soulja of Hope platform you will come to find content that helps you become more enriched with a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ…

As of this instances Mikel, the founding author of Soulja of Hope, will remain as leading author and platform seer here but collectively as a team Mikel, is handing over the operation managing control over to the small team that has been established recently by the authority of YHWH, as Mikel, continues to lead this platform and continues to go forth working for God beyond this blogging platform.

Please take note to the following changes

Author name change

The author name has been changed from Mikel, to “S.o.H” to reflect the change aspect that more than one individual will be writing posts on this platform. When Mikel, writes a post the post will reflect by Mikel, and when a team member writes a post the post will reflect as “Post Written by S.o.H Team Member,

Old avatar New element!

The following old avatar will be used on this platform with the wording as “Team” added to the image to reflect this platform is no longer a solo operation with the direction of the Holy Spirit but now a team driven atmosphere that is still directed by the Holy Spirit.

Reference image

Plans moving forward

Collectively as a team we have decided the following

This platform will remain Holy Spirit directed!

Mikel, started this platform with the direction of the Holy Spirit directing the direction of this platform and collectively as a team we all agree as a team this element shall remain unchanged.

Who is the team?

At this point upon discussing and praying whom makes up the team is not important because as a team member introducing ourselves individually we as a team in whole feel it takes away from the core purpose of Soulja of Hope which is Jesus Christ, being the focal point.

Key points

  • Mikel, has included the small team as operational manger. (meaning Mikel, trusts the team members to keep the blogging platform going when Mikel, is busying doing other working elements for YHWH,
  • Display name changed from Mikel, to S.o.H, to display more than one individual posting on this platform.
  • Old avatar image repurposed with “team” added as wording on the image.
  • Soulja of Hope, now has a small team!

Addressing enemies of S.o.H (By Mikel,)

Mikel, requested I, included the following wording from Mikel and the video Mikel has chosen to go with his, wording.

Mikel Wrote:

First off Hello everyone!

As for the current situation where some individuals have decided to throw my character through the mud and speak lies… In retrospect you probably feel you are making head way against me as the author of S.o.H, but are you really? I ask this because recently God turned S.o.H from a solo author following the direction of the Holy Spirit to a small team that is willing to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit… For the last year before S.o.H became knows as Soulja of Hope for it was called Soulja 4 Christ, (S4C) for 4 yrs I have been actively praying that God will start to build a team around this movement platform and God is answering the many prayers about the subject of Team.

God is not going to back something He is against so the lies some individuals are spreading about my (Mikel’s) character and this platform you are not really being an enemy towards me as the leading author or this platform fore say you are becoming an enemy before the Throne of God (YHWH) and some of you are writing about God, two face and dangerous. I get it not everyone is going to agree with what is posted here and I respect that but my concern is the element some of you have placed yourselves before the Throne of God, I do forgive and my hopes are the individual(s) behind this attack campaign open their eyes and see the person that is leading forth these lies repents before God exposes them for duping others in the name sake of working for YHWH, while secretly causing division.


Father God, (YHWH) Thank you for answering my many prayers about having a team that would help with running daily operations of S.o.H. Father God! you are good all the time! Lord, you have recently showed me through scripture that there is an imbalance with knowing the Father’s heart in whole because many individuals what to block out the bad elements of the bible like war and suffering and hell to name a few and only focus upon the “what” make a person few good elements… Lord, you told me recently the boldness is going to become bolder and the pacifier is going to be ripped because you are not holding back anymore… Oh, Father, prepare me to write the upcoming post and prepare the hearts and ears of the souls the upcoming message is meant for in Jesus Name Amen.