Image Post: Perspective Stop Looking Into The Rearview Mirror


How Has Soulja Of Hope Impacted Your Life For Christ Jesus

Hello & Welcome! To Soulja of Hope, Your Host Is a S.o.H Team Member today. Content written by Soulja_H, (S.o.H Team Member) Greetings as you may or may not know Nico, previously posted a cry out to Christ Jesus to help guide Nico, for Nico, & Ana, are going through some life changes right now […]

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Happy Birthday! Ana

Ana, Since you liked the birthday image I made for your previous birthday I thought I would use the image again since you liked it so much on your previous birthday. Dear Ana, I know you are going through some hard life changes right now but you can rest assure God is going to guide […]

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Journal Entry 008 I Got To Embrace Being More Real With Myself

Since I was 7 I have ran from my feelings because that is what I have learned over the years as a protection mechanism. Today I have been crying off and on and at times I have been crying uncontrollably the reason is because all the feelings I choose sweep under the emotional rug is […]

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First Free Digital Giveaway! For The SoH Community

Hi Guys I wanted to show the Soulja of Hope community my appreciation because you guys rock! So I created the following Soulja 4 Christ! Avatar for you guys I hope you enjoy! For you have a new way to promote you are a Soulja 4 Christ! Preview Contents In Zip Folder The Zip Folder […]

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