Revisiting The Joker Post Mikel Wrote

Post Written by S.o.H Team Member,
On 🔥 4 YHWH!

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read this recent post on S.o.H our hope is as the team behind Soulja of Hope, that the content brings enrichment to your soul.

This post is based off a previous written post titled “Joker” Food For Thought written by Mikel, In this post I will be expounding on my findings to what Mikel has written. I will be expounding on Mikel’s Character from what I have first hand witness and How God has been front and center in Mikel’s life.

First off I know Mikel, all the way back to his gang life and quite frankly Mikel, made a name for himself as someone not to mess with back then and Mikel, didn’t get along with jokers back in the gang lifestyle… Point blank Mikel, was willing to put his life down for the gang cause their was no joker about him.

I hung around Mikel, during his gang years but I did not partake in the lifestyle and Mikel respected that about me. Mikel, knew my stance was strong against a lifestyle that promoted chaos and death, I can surely say without doubt Mikel, is not being a joker in the lifestyle of living for Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) and I have seen Mikel, utilize restraint for a few weeks now as some individuals that claim Christian but are clearly living the Joker lifestyle is trying to convince others that it is Mikel, that is living the Joker lifestyle.

Like I said I know Mikel back in the gang time frame and Mikel, was known in the gang world as someone you turn too, to character assassinate someone emotionally. I have witness Mikel, falling to His knees daily for months now going before the Lord, saying “Lord, you know the old me you know what I have done in revenge towards others in my past life Lord, help me it is getting hard to hold back and let you take lead in my life Lord. -Mikel,”

I became part of the background scene of Soulja of Hope, early on but I wasn’t apart of the official team until recently… I have served God all my life, but I wanted to wait for Mikel, to receive confirmation from YHWH, for me be to be apart of the S.o.H team. My role as a team member is to help with writing posts and other manager related stuff behind the scenes.

Mikel, doesn’t know I am writing this post but the reason I am writing this post is because I wanted to reach out to the S.o.H community and ask a favor if Mikel’s writings have helped you in anyway grow closer to our Lord, “Yeshua” please consider encouraging Mikel, in the comment section the dude my home boi, is really going through a lot lately and just recently Mikel, had received a personal hard blow in life and the dude still strives to place others first before himself.

So please if Mikel has encouraged you in anyway please consider paying it forward because Mikel really needs a boost right now… A spark of hope to help him push harder reppin Jesus. The dude (Mikel) has been digging deep within himself to help Jesus be rep’d in a world that rather hear less about Jesus because many individuals are comfortable living in their daily sin.

Written encouragement to Mikel,

Brother Mikel, I know right now you feel like you are having a hard time to fight your way out of the stance that you are not a joker before God’s Throne and you feel that your hands are tied when the old you would have exposed the dirt on the others attacking your character behind the scenes… Mikel, God is witnessing what you are going through. Brother in Christ as you stated God will vindicate upon His timing! Continue Brother in Christ to have actionable faith God will see this through. ☺


  1. Mikel, it is darkest before dawn. You are in a time of testing and trial that is developing the character of Yeshua, in your life. Do not give up! Keep getting up and doing what Yeshua has called you to do. You are a threat to the enemy of your soul. As you continue, you will see a harvest of souls, beyond what you can imagine. The best of Yahweh is in front of you! You cannot fail, as you move forward led by Holy Spirit. You are an Overcomer!

    “For the lovers of God may suffer adversity
    and stumble seven times,
    but they will continue to rise over and over again.
    But the unrighteous are brought down by just one calamity
    and will never be able to rise again.” (Proverbs 24:16)

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    1. Hello Pure Glory, ☺ Thank you for taking the time to encourage Mikel, and for the scripture reference… I will leave a note for Mikel, within our team dashboard letting him know about your encouraging comment left for Mikel,

      God Bless
      S.o.H Team Member,

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