Yes It is Officially True SoH Truly Has A Team Now!

Yep! it is officially true S.o.H is not just me anymore being directed by the Lord, S.o.H is now a 4 personal team made up of me, and 3 others that run the Team S.o.H account… One person on the team has known me since I was little and another was in my life, as a God servant trying to actively get me out of the gang life as a teenager and the 3rd person is a God fearing and God driven servant as well…

I have been actively praying for almost 2 yrs now for S.o.H to have a team and this is only a small portion for now… My hopes are you enjoy the content they offer… It is mainly one out the 3 person team that is posting right now… He has been in my life since my gang years and the dude has been God driven since my first encounter with him and according to Him, He is Christian all the way no compromise…

As of right now I am researching and digging in the word of God for an upcoming post the Lord ask me to write… Be on the look out for new posts for my good friend and team member has been posting to fill the void gap of me not posting here as of much right now.

I’m truly thankful for the teams effort on the blogging scene and the things they take care of behind the scenes… Thank you Daddy God for sending help I truly appreciate it.

God Bless everyone
Mikel, Lead Author of S.o.H
On 🔥 4 YHWH,


    1. Hi! Renard Moreua, Indeed the team makes hard work easier, Also Yes! the plans are the 4 of us will be providing posts here…

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your valued thoughts with I and the S.o.H team and community. ☺

      Blessings from Heaven to you & yours.

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