Disclaimer my team found a question on WordPress and the person seems pretty new to the blogging arena hence why they may have received no answer to their blog title question. “Are All Christians Rude?” The Christian they call out as fake I know and have had my encounter here on WP as well 😞… I have tried to let bygones be bygones with the author of the Fathers feet, But I cannot stand by in silent when a person is treated as if they don’t exist…

I will be talking about the suspisious behavior and addressing Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n’s question found in their post title “Are All Christians Rude?”

The author of the Fathers feet has been established for a while here now on WP and writes blog posts about God. Soulja of hope has also been stablished for almost 6 yrs now but 5 of those years were when the blog was called Soulja 4 Christ, until the name change to Soulja of Hope in January 2020

I had been approached by email and private messaging for months now on Facebook S.o.H page and Twitter, asking me why was I aligned with what many others called the author of the Fathers feet as a false prophet… Other individuals Christian and non-christians have told me their encounter with the author of the Fathers feet and how they got shunned and shamed for not aligning with the views of the author of the Fathers feet.

Needless to say I was giving the author of the Fathers feet the benefit of doubt but then one day I too had an encounter in messenger with the author of the Fathers feet and I replied that I would not back down from my concern of how they were acting and when I said my stance and that I would not go back on my words because my words were before the throne of God, I became instantly ghosted and blocked on various accounts.

Note other individuals were stating this and those individuals were concerned for the S.o.H movement ministry because they pointed out that I as the author of S.o.H was aligning myself with what they felt was a snake pit that was going around acting Christian with outside appearance but was biting individuals behind the scenes with the viper poison.

Well, Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n appears to not be a Christian but had what they consider a nasty encounter with the author of the Fathers feet and has proof! (screen shots) that when Ph4t0m 1llu5ion did not align with the author’s views their comments became deleted as if they never spoke to the author of the Fathers feet.

This truly saddens me because as a Christian were suppose to be on the ready to answer questions of others even if those questions we don’t agree with we should answer with kindness and not come off condescending as Ph4t0m 1llu5ion, has stated in their screen shots. The most important aspect to take away from this as a Christian, is to NOT delete the comments to silence someone’s voice.

Question: “Are All Christians Rude?”

Mikel: Hello Ph4t0m 1llu5ion, first off I am sadden by how your comments became deleted I’m not surprised coming from this author you have spoken about. It saddens my heart you felt that a Christian failed answering your questions… My hopes are that WordPress will send you a pingback so you are notified of this post.

Upon reviewing your screen shots I am going to try to answer those questions for you. ☺

Question 1: Faithful

According to your question you were asking about the title Faithful and the meaning behind it. Well, according to the bible Faith or being Faithful is a Christian believing beyond eye sight that God is moving in the direction of the greater good. here is scripture reference about faith.⧉

Question 2: If God is in control and loves then why so much violence now days?

According to the bible the Almighty God (Yahweh) will not against the free will of humans (mankind) and when we are born into this world we are born into sin, and those sinful desires left untamed drive each person here on earth to go about living in a chaotic and violent manner… The bible says we don’t fight against flesh and blood meaning human to human the reason is the real enemy is the spiritual realm where demons (fallen angels) from Heaven are infusing the chaotic and violent behavior we are seeing as each day goes by.

Ephesians 6:12 English Standard Version
12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Matthew 24:12 English Standard Version
12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Mikel: Ph4t0m 1llu5ion, I hope this answers your question that not all individuals claiming Christian comes across rude. I and the S.o.H team worked together to write a page that leads a person to ask God into their life and invites any individual to take on a 6 month challenge so they can begin to see God taking shape in an individuals life. ☺ here is the page link → Jesus Loves You!

Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n, I am very sorry you had this encounter when you visited the post Faithful⧉ over at the Fathers Feet. I’m also linking to your post as well for fairness of what was spoken here Are All Christians Rude?← By Ph4t0m 1llu5ion,⧉

Sincerely Mikel, Lead Author of S.o.H
On 🔥 4 YHWH,

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post my intentions is not to take sides here or bash the author of the Fathers feet but as a Christian we must stand up and be a voice for the voiceless as well and Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n asked valid questions that I and the team felt needed to be answered for a soul is in the balance of those questions. As well as a Christian there is clear injustice how Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n was treated God has placed the line across the battlefield and I Mikel, author of S.o.H have chosen to expose the abusive behavior when a person asked valid questions…

My words are before the public and the Throne of God,

Song I was listening to while I wrote this post 🎶


    1. Hello ph4t0m 1llu5i0n, You’re welcome, We hope to hear from you again and we as a team here hope you feel invited by the S.o.H community. ☺

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