Are You Being An Enemy Towards Me?

To Clarify this post is a response because someone wrote to me via messenger an attackful message via Soulja of Hope Facebook page I have nothing to hide so I am replying in a pubic manner.

Or are you being an enemy towards God? For God has established this movement even though hades (hell) and quite a few humans have tried to tear down the S.o.H movement. To the enemies that have arise thank you! you have helped me learn how to forgive on demand and helped me keep pushing forward for the attacks have shown me the importance of the S.o.H movement to rep Jesus Christ.

Individuals have tried to go out of their way to prove to others I’m being a Joker with this movement but it has been so far the enemies arise and fall away and I, as the lead author keeps pushing forward with the authority and power of YHWH. This alone should start to display God is not detecting a joker running this movement

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