Ahh, I Believe The Team Has Found A Theme And More

Greetings hope all is well for you today! I call upon YHWH, to pour blessings from the Throne of Heaven and shower you today with His wonderful goodness! ☺

Well, S.o.H has been going through some theme changes for various reasons for not all themes here at WP fit the needs of each blogger. Here at S.o.H we were looking for a clean crisp theme but yet make it known upfront Whom is posting… As you will know see at the top of each post among the post featured image the account avatar and name of the author posting the post is now upfront and clear here is the screen captures I took earlier for visual example.

Mikel S.o.H

Team S.o.H

As you can see precise and clear who is posting on this platform. ☺ This is possible to have the clear written by with the avatar beside it because when Mikel, paid for the account upgrade here at WP the account upgrade Mikel, has chosen gives S.o.H platform access to all the premium themes with out having to buy them as a standalone theme. This theme is the “Venture” theme which quite frankly without the account upgrade costs $125.00 for a standalone theme purchase again the account upgrade Mikel, has chosen for S.o.H platform gives access to use all premium themes at no extra cost

encase you missed my earlier post Mikel, has asked me to alert the community that He is going to address the S.o.H Community coming up soon. Here is link to that post. → Heads Up Mikel, Is Preparing To Address The S.o.H Community please take note the post has not been published yet addressing the S.o.H community.

On the other front as well Mikel, felt led by the Lord this morning to write a morning message from God… I encourage to give the post a read. → Take Heed Only To God’s Word…

Thank you for your time upon this day the Lord has given us…

God Bless!
Team S.o.H
On 🔥 4 YHWH,

Oh Father God shatter our life perspective so we can begin to live free and free indeed through the eye view of your Heaven-bound perspective