Take Heed Only To God’s Word…

Disclaimer: Many will become offended it is time we all consider the hard truth… Our world has changed a lot since covid

God recently asked me to start speaking some hard to swallow messages for God has shown me and asked me to speak on His behalf that there is elements all of mankind will experience including myself… God is sifting the fake from His true authentic children… God’s heart is sicken by the hypocrisy that has taken place here on earth God is cleaning up the mess.

Take heed only to God’s word and the Holy Spirit’s direction of your life never bow down to take heed from any other source, if that be fear of another human or out of fearing of pleasing other humans out of fear of how they will view you. God has the final say in each of our lives regardless of mankind’s opinion of you, it is God’s opinion that brings you to Heaven or breaks you and casts you to hades.

God has drawn the line on the battlefield and I know my side of the line, I have been in close walking with the Lord, daily and the Lord said a storm is coming and the fakery of fake christians will not withstand the storm… I know I will be standing after the storm for the Lord already showed me standing. I am not deceived or deceiving others with this message… What I speak of will happen on God’s timing I’m just the messenger of what is to come.

A spiritual storm is brewing who will withstand it? God is calling forth for all to repent before His Throne those that refuse to will not withstand the storm… All of mankind each of you have to decide to either continue chasing after pleasing humans feelings or being in the right position of the Throne of God before the storm strikes. Only each individual can decide their outcome of the storm non of us can or will escape the storm coming from God’s mighty hands.

My words are before the public and the Throne of God.

Nahum 1:7 English Standard Version
7 The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble;
he knows those who take refuge in him.

By S.o.H

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